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    Welcome to the Longewiki (short from for Longevity Wiki), your comprehensive and unbiased source of information on the science, research, and practices surrounding longevity and healthy aging. As the quest for a longer and healthier life has captivated humanity for centuries, advances in modern science and medicine are continually shedding light on ways to extend our lifespan and enhance the quality of our years.

    Our commitment is to provide you with up-to-date, accurate, and independent data on longevity, free from any influence of supplement suppliers or commercial entities. As David A. Sinclair pointed out: "there's so much misinformation out there, especially with supplements."[1] While there's no shortage of products and services in the market claiming to be the "elixir of youth", it's essential to differentiate between scientifically-backed facts and commercially-driven myths.

    Longewiki distinguishes itself from Wikipedia by specializing exclusively in longevity-related content, ensuring focused and relevant information for users interested in life extension and aging. Unlike Wikipedia, which offers broad, encyclopedic overviews, Longewiki delves into practical information about supplementation, health strategies, and the latest research developments to aid user understanding and application. Moreover, it prioritizes user-friendly, accessible language and format, making complex, scientific topics easier to understand for a wider audience, contrasting with Wikipedia’s more formal and generalized presentation style.