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    There are a lot of NMN suppliers that sell NMN products on their websites or on Amazon. They get NMN from NMN manufacturers that are located all over the world. Some suppliers directly advertise the NMN manufacturer or its brand on their products, such as by using the manufacturer's logo or even including the manufacturer's name in the product name. It is important to note that advertising the NMN manufacturer or its brand does not necessarily mean that a product is of high quality. However, it is a good sign that the supplier is transparent about the source of their NMN.

    It is important to note that the NMN supplement market is still relatively new and unregulated, so it is important to do your research before choosing a product. Be sure to look for a manufacturer that uses high-quality ingredients and that has a good reputation.

    Here are some tips for choosing a reputable NMN manufacturer:

    • Look for a manufacturer that has a good track record of customer satisfaction.
    • Make sure that the manufacturer uses high-quality ingredients.
    • Choose a manufacturer that is transparent about its manufacturing process and quality control standards.
    • Avoid manufacturers that make unrealistic claims about the benefits of NMN.

    List of NMN manufacturers[edit | edit source]

    Here is a table of NMN manufacturers, including their website and location:

    Manufacturer Brand Name Website Location Comment
    BioTech Life Sciences https://www.lifebiosciences.com/ London, UK HLPC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography), Biosynthesis
    EffePharm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Uthever NMN https://www.uthever.com/ Shanghai, China
    • Produces several tons per month
    • Funded a clinical trail[1]
    Longevir https://longevir.com/ The Netherlands, Europe First NMN manufacturer in Europe
    Wonderfeel https://getwonderfeel.com/ San Francisco, Californian, USA NMN is made at cGMP-certified facilities in the USA

    Todo[edit | edit source]

    1. Huang H: A Multicentre, Randomised, Double Blind, Parallel Design, Placebo Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Uthever (NMN Supplement), an Orally Administered Supplementation in Middle Aged and Older Adults. Front Aging 2022. (PMID 35821806) [PubMed] [DOI] [Full text] Objective: The purpose of the study was to evaluate the anti-aging effect of NMN and its safety in a double-blind, parallel, randomised controlled clinical trial. Methods: The study was carried out on 66 healthy subjects between the ages of 40 and65 years, instructed to take two capsules (each containing 150 mg. of NMN or starch powder) once a day after breakfast for 60 days. Results: At day 30, NAD+/NADH levels in the serum showed a noteworthy increase, i.e., by 11.3%, whereas the placebo group had shown no change at all. At the end of the study, i.e., day 60, the NAD+/NADH levels were increased further by 38% compared to baseline, against a mere 14.3% in the placebo group. In the case of SF 36, at day 60, the Uthever group showed a rise of 6.5%, whereas the placebo group was merely raised by 3.4%. At the end of the study, the mean HOMA IR Index showed a rise of 0.6% among the Uthever group and 30.6% among the Placebo group from baseline. Conclusion: The rise in the levels of NAD+/NADH at day 30 and day 60 illustrated the potential of Uthever to raise the levels of NAD+ in the cells, which is linked to higher energy levels and an anti-aging effect. Increased sensitivity to insulin has also been linked to anti-aging. There was no noteworthy change in HOMA score, in the Uthever group whereas there was a noteworthy rise in the placebo group, demonstrating the anti-aging effect of Uthever as in its absence, the parameters worsened. Clinical Trial Registration: (clinicaltrials.gov), identifier (NCT04228640 NMN).