Longewiki:Citation needed

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    The Citation needed tag is used within Longewiki articles to identify statements or claims that require verification through the addition of reliable sources. This tag serves as a reminder and a call to action for contributors to substantiate the information by adding credible references, thereby enhancing the reliability and integrity of the content within Longewiki.

    Why Citations are Important

    Citations are crucial for validating the information presented in an article, providing readers with a way to verify the content and explore further on the subject. They lend credibility to the article and ensure that the information is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

    How to Contribute

    If you come across a statement marked with the Citation needed tag, you are encouraged to:

    1. Research the statement or claim.
    2. Find reliable and reputable sources that support it.
    3. Add citations to the article using the appropriate citation format.

    By contributing in this manner, you help in maintaining the high standard of content on Longewiki and aid in the dissemination of accurate and well-substantiated information related to longevity and related topics.

    Removing the Tag

    Once a reliable source has been added to substantiate the statement or claim, the Citation needed tag can be removed by any contributor to maintain the article's cleanliness and readability.

    Remember, a well-cited article is a credible article. Let's work together to make Longewiki a reliable and trustworthy resource for information on longevity and related fields!