Longevity Wiki:Generating Subscripts

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    Longewiki includes a vast array of video subscripts. These subscripts are instrumental in enhancing searchability, allowing users to effortlessly locate specific content, such as words or compounds, within videos.

    Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can convert video subscripts into the Mediawiki format:

    From YouTube[edit source]

    • YouTube already provides subscripts for its videos. These subscripts are accessible directly on the YouTube website.
    • To utilize these subscripts on Longewiki, simply copy the entire text of the YouTube video subscript. Once copied, this text can be pasted into Longewiki's dedicated tool, the SubscriptConverter, available at https://longewiki.com/SubscriptConverter.html. This tool is specifically designed to convert the copied subscript text into a format that is compatible with Mediawiki.