2023-08-24 - Interview Dr. David Sinclair - Moonshots with Peter Diamandis - Aging is Now Optional (Abundance360)

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    • In this episode, filmed during Abundance360, Peter and David discuss David’s groundbreaking research on reversing aging through epigenetic changes, emphasizing that aging is not just damage to the body but a loss of information. They talk about age reversal as a possibility, rejuvenating brains, and regaining lost memories.


    Unlocking the Secret to Longevity

    0:00 do you think there is an upper limit to human aging it's not even a question
    0:08 explain [Music] I thought that that wasn't fair to have
    0:14 Consciousness and to know that we're going to be sick and die and watch everyone else died I was inspired by my grandmother who told me that humans can
    0:20 do better my PhD supervisor said why would you go study aging it's not even a real science and thank goodness I didn't
    0:26 listen to him aging isn't just damage to the body like we wear out it's actually a loss of information there will be a
    0:33 day I believe where you'll be able to rejuvenate your brain and get back memories get your ability to learn again I'm no longer talking about slowing
    0:40 aging I'm talking about true age reversal multiple times there's a backup copy of information in every cell and
    0:47 that fact that there was a backup copy changes everything there is no law that
    0:52 says we must age remember that foreign [Music]
    0:58 welcome to moonshots and mindsets one of my favorite conversations from abundance 360 this year was a fireside chat with
    1:06 Dr David Sinclair knowing around the world as one of the leading if not the leading thinker on age reversal and
    1:13 epigenetics David is a professor at Harvard Medical School who studies aging
    1:18 and Longevity he had just published a epic paper in cell about the work he's
    1:24 done over 13 years on how to accelerate aging from epigenetic changes and then
    1:30 reverse that aging in this segment we're going to be diving into the work that he's most recently done and where he
    1:37 thinks it's going you know uh I'm a fan of David a big fan
    1:42 I've donated to his lab I've written about his work in the book that I wrote with Tony Robbins called uh life force I
    1:50 promoted his book lifespan David Sinclair's book uh probably more than I've promoted my books he's one of the
    1:57 most exhilarating thinkers a dear and Beautiful Soul we're going to be
    2:02 visiting David during my longevity Platinum trip this coming August and going to his lab and I'll probably have
    2:09 a follow-on podcast when we dive into some of the deep science that he's doing he's an individual that during this
    2:16 conversation will answer the question is there an upper age to how long we live
    2:22 what is the latest on the epigenetic reprogramming that has been able to
    2:27 reverse the aging of tissues and he's someone with whom I'm working on a
    2:33 health span X prize super excited about this all right so settle in get ready
    2:39 what would you do with an extra 20 or 30 years of a healthy lifespan you're about to find out enjoy this

    Abundance 360 - With Dr. Sinclair

    2:46 episode from my private Summit abundance 360 with Dr David Sinclair welcome David
    2:52 thanks Peter thanks for having me back hi everyone um uh thank you to you and Serena for
    2:58 flying in from India it was a long flight how long was that I don't know too long
    3:05 uh well uh the topic of longevity has grown to uh one of Epic Proportions

    Reversing Human Aging: Possible?

    3:14 um and I think I want to hit on the point I made earlier uh the idea of
    3:20 human health span extension of age reversal was kind of a taboo subject a
    3:26 while ago wasn't it well not too long ago yeah when I started in this field in the early 90s
    3:31 it was considered the end of my career by many people so my PhD supervisor said why would you go study aging it's too
    3:38 complicated to understand it's not even a real science and thank goodness I didn't listen to him yeah
    3:44 so remember that for our students out there watching was it what what was it that got you
    3:51 um to move into that direction was it a personal passion was it an Inkling
    3:56 I was definitely more than an inkling and still is uh if any of you have read my book you'll know that it was um by
    4:04 the way how many folks up here have read lifespan yes thank you I appreciate that
    4:10 um and Peter I think you know the answer to the question that's why you asked it I uh
    4:16 I was inspired by my grandmother who told me that humans can do better and that's what I love about what Peter does
    4:22 here it's that's the vision it's that we can always do better there's a Bright Horizon that we need to get to we need
    4:28 to steer Humanity in that direction um I felt that way my whole life that's why we're friends uh among other reasons
    4:34 and uh so she said when I was four years old that everybody I knew in including
    4:39 my pets uh were gonna die and it's not going to be pretty um and then I'm gonna die and as a
    4:46 four-year-old that was a bit of a shock to be told that and we all we all learn this around the same age but we forget
    4:53 about it because it's too painful to live every day knowing that fact as sentient beings as conscious animals
    4:59 it's really a burden that we we bear and I also I thought that that wasn't
    5:04 fair to have Consciousness and to know that we're going to be sick and die and watch everyone else die that was the age four and then at age
    5:10 around 15 16 I thought this new technology called genetic engineering could actually tackle this problem in a
    5:17 way that had never been done before so I set my sights on that let's go to uh January 12th uh you
    5:23 published a paper and sell you published a few Landmark papers this one being amongst them
    5:29 that showed the ability to control aging using
    5:35 epigenetics in mammals just you know what were the major points
    5:41 of that paper because it definitely it cemented your your work and this this
    5:47 concept of the information a Theory of Aging yeah so the information Theory of Aging
    5:53 as it's called um I formulated when I was still in my 20s I woke up in the middle of the night
    5:59 with this idea it I guess it was delivered to me by Muse's I wrote it
    6:04 down in in my notebook and I still have that notebook in my office and I've been going off that Playbook ever since and
    6:09 that's the idea that aging isn't just damage to the body like we wear out it's
    6:14 actually a loss of information that we inherited uh from our parents and built on during development
    6:21 and ye cells have that problem and we just finally published when was that 25
    6:26 years later that we mammals have the same issue and by understanding I think
    6:34 a large part of why we age we're able to control the aging process in a colony of
    6:39 mice driving them forwards and backwards in their age and making them get diseases
    6:45 um and now we're even reversing those that's spectacular so one of the questions we asked everybody when they
    6:51 walked in here was to put on their badge how old do you think you will live
    6:57 and uh you know I think the 90 had had 120 or higher but I think what's
    7:05 happened to society has trained us to have certain expectations right you know
    7:10 if your parents or grandparents had made it to 75 or 80 you expect that and when you hear the oldest living human being
    7:15 is 122 123 you think okay there's a brick wall there

    Aging Beyond its Limits?

    7:21 um I one of the questions I'd love you to share when the answer to let you share is do you think there is an upper
    7:27 limit to human aging well I know there isn't you know there is not yeah yeah it's not even a
    7:33 question
    7:39 drop the mic moment let me explain
    7:46 uh that there are lots of reasons why I give that answer to me it's self-evident but uh for some people it isn't and
    7:53 there are critics of this idea that we can live beyond 120 but one of the best examples is uh that we've been able to extend the
    8:00 lifespan of every species that we've tried to extend the lifespan of and we're no different from those species that's point one
    8:06 um the second is that there are many species who are very similar to us genetically biologically that live a lot
    8:12 longer than we do uh the best example would be the bowhead whale but a lot of whales live longer than us and that you
    8:18 know they have children they're conscious they produce milk so we just need to mimic what they have that allows
    8:25 them to live so long and I think we have a much better idea now of how to do that and so yeah that there is no law that
    8:32 says we must age remember that so one of the things that's going on we've spent the last few days talking

    Understanding the Aging Process

    8:38 about uh massive advances in Ai and Quantum Computing and sensors networks
    8:43 big data and the realization is we're in a period of very hyper growth of these
    8:48 Technologies and um you know as Ray Kurzweil who will be speaking tomorrow morning talks about the bridge to a bridge that your job is
    8:55 not to live now to do something that's going to get you an extra 100 years it's to get you
    9:02 the next 10 healthy years to intercept those Technologies do you agree with the idea David I think you do but maybe your
    9:08 time frame is different that this next decade is very different than any time ever oh for sure
    9:15 uh so we're already many decades ahead of where I thought we would be
    9:20 technologically um from when I started I thought I was working to help my children and future
    9:26 children and uh and grandchildren but it turns out that the pace of Discovery has
    9:32 gone way faster and that's partly due to technology we can now do an experiment
    9:38 that analyzes billions of genes in the same time frame
    9:43 in a day that used to take us years of work and billions of dollars and that
    9:49 allows us to do very quick experiments the other thing that makes me super positive about this is that we've made a
    9:57 I think we've made a major breakthrough in our understanding of not just why we
    10:02 age but also how to control that process and the the turning point in my career
    10:08 was the discovery that there's a backup copy of information in every cell in
    10:14 every everybody's cells um and that that backup copy can be
    10:19 accessed and there's a switch that you can flip that allows cells to reset their biological age and function again
    10:26 as though they were young because literally they are young again and that fact that there is a backup copy changes
    10:33 everything we're no longer I'm no longer talking about slowing aging I'm talking about
    10:38 true age reversal multiple times and I don't get laughed off stage anymore when
    10:44 I say that you want to give it up for that
    10:52 I mean the idea that we we aren't uh
    10:58 tied to the tyranny of aging and death is extraordinary it
    11:03 changes everything everybody Peter demand is here uh I've been asked over and over again what do I do for my own
    11:09 health well I put it down in this book called Peter's longevity practices uh it's very readable in just an hour in
    11:16 the book I cover longevity diet exercise sleep my annual found upload meds and
    11:22 supplements longevity mindset it's literally consumable in just an hour's time hopefully to incentivize you to
    11:29 make a difference in your life to intercept the Technologies coming our way if you want this it's free just
    11:35 check out the link below and download it right now the evidence that you have for
    11:40 this backup copy there are a few things you speak about in your book and your podcast could you speak just a few examples there
    11:47 right let's see we've got some visuals we could call up actually so let's call up the the slide with the
    11:53 the four faces on it the top right on our guide here
    11:59 slide six I think it is yep that's a good one all right so uh let's do a show

    Controlling the Epigenome.

    12:04 of hands uh so how many of you have heard of the epigenome or at least epigenetics
    12:11 hopefully everybody's raising your hands okay all right we're done they're all good students all right so
    12:19 the the concept is that what we've realized is that most of disease and disability is not driven by our genes
    12:26 it's actually controlled by the regulator of those genes which is the epigenome one of the best examples of
    12:32 that um are these people here so these are um individuals from two sets of twins
    12:37 these are in Denmark a very large study of Danish twins looking at the effects of genes versus environment or
    12:44 epigenetics which is what responds to the environment and so if we click the button forward
    12:51 once you'll see that the identical twin of these two individuals uh hopefully you can see looks a lot
    12:56 younger and is actually younger biologically we can now measure that and it turns out that by living a
    13:03 healthy lifestyle often you hear about doctors recommending these things we know a lot about how to slow down the aging process
    13:10 you don't just look younger you actually are biologically younger and that's why if you exercise you eat right you eat
    13:18 less often you take the right supplements you will be biologically younger and you will actually Stave off
    13:23 disease until much later so what does that actually mean if if we go back one slide the concept is information so the
    13:31 main type of information that we know about is the genome in the DNA but there's also another level of
    13:37 information that's just as important and even more complex that's the epigenome and those are the structures that
    13:43 control how the DNA is bundled and shaped and which genes out of the 25 000 get turned on and off when we're forming
    13:49 an embryo um and we develop and those genes can be switched on and off depending on how we live if we put our bodies in a state of
    13:55 perceived adversity or adversity that isn't too damaging the epigenome will actually respond and
    14:01 be more stable so the idea is you want to stabilize your epigenome so that your cells remember how to function youthfully for
    14:08 longer the analogy as shown in this slide is a compact disc hopefully all of you remember what those things are
    14:14 fairly incredible technology you could fit about 20 songs on there um when I teach at Harvard the kids are
    14:21 like what are you talking about this is so if you're young it's like resetting a
    14:27 computer or pressing the buttons on the side of your iPhone uh so what the analogy is that the digital information
    14:33 is the is the DNA um and that's the music but you need to read it it's not just Pits on a on an
    14:40 um a metallic disk the epigenome is the equivalent of the reader of that information and the songs of the of the
    14:46 genes and aging I believe in our new paper presents very strong evidence this is the case that aging is the is akin to
    14:55 scratches on the CD so that the cells still have the music the genes but they're just not read correctly at the
    15:00 right time in the right place so that your cells forget how to work so we see that brain cells become more like skin
    15:06 cells and skin cells become more like kidney cells we become a melange instead of Highly differentiated functioning
    15:12 youthful cells and so that's the information Theory of Aging and what we found out in this paper is what drives
    15:17 that process in large part is broken DNA avoid x-rays CT scans if you can help it
    15:23 don't fly too much if you can help it yeah well don't do what I do and uh and
    15:31 live with ways that actually prevent those breaks because that disrupts the epigenome we showed but here's the cool
    15:36 point is that we've discovered you can polish off those scratches and get back the Beautiful music of cells and their youth
    15:42 so uh that's extraordinary there's a concept that has been talked about for

    Reaching Longevity Escape Velocity

    15:47 some time of longevity escape velocity that there's a moment in time that for every year that you're alive science can
    15:54 extend your life for more than a year and I think the numbers that people talk about today is that we're for every four
    16:01 years we're adding a year of life where are you on this and where do you
    16:06 think what do you think will reach longevity escape velocity how far out are we
    16:13 uh well so the so we get about three months for every year we stay alive currently without
    16:19 breakthroughs like the one I'm talking about uh let me give you an update on where we
    16:24 are today please and whatever you're willing to say I know some of it's amazing uh
    16:30 the and we can extrapolate from here but remember it's not linear there's one thing you know from uh from this

    Can Aging Be Reversed?

    16:38 conference the the journey has been a rapid one we made this discovery that you can reset
    16:44 the age of cells human tissue Mouse tissue Living Mice
    16:49 um what is it now it's about five years ago it was published three years ago
    16:57 we started working on mice we reset the
    17:02 eyeballs of mice to be young again they got their Vision back that was the cover cover that got the cover of nature uh
    17:08 that's the December 2020. third row far right slide uh yeah we were very
    17:14 fortunate nature was bold enough to put the title turning back time on the cover of their magazine we're very honored by
    17:20 that and this is the paper that changed everything for my lab for my Outlook about aging
    17:27 and what we've done since then is we've we've formed a company called life biosciences and they've been pushing
    17:33 ahead for all those years we've done extensive studies in mice we needed to know if it was safe it's it's
    17:39 very safe we've never seen anything negative after years of work and driving
    17:44 this process we found that those three genes O S and K for short
    17:49 these are Gene Regulators that set off a Cascade of events during embryogenesis
    17:55 to make a young human turns out lucky for all of us I think is
    18:00 that those three genes also set back the clock in adult cells without causing tumors or any disease and without
    18:06 bringing them back so far that yeah lost identity and and this is the thing that that blows my mind is you'd think that
    18:14 if you just keep it on for a long time you'd go back to zero age zero which you don't want it's not true they go cells
    18:20 go back about 80 and stop there's a barrier that prevents them from going back to zero if we leave off that other
    18:27 Gene it's a gift to humanity for sure and uh so now we're at the point where
    18:33 we're conducting at life biosciences um a boston-based company uh non-human
    18:39 primates these are green monkey studies um I should say the reason that there's an iris on this cover is that we show
    18:45 that you could reverse blindness due to glaucoma and also old age by resetting
    18:51 the age of the retina back to Youth and those mice got their full vision back again so the think about this your body
    18:58 if this is true the body is looks old but it's actually it just
    19:03 needs to be reset so I don't think of an old person now as an old person I think it's just a body that needs to be reset
    19:10 polished so this is a big deal because I mean one of the critiques about uh the work that
    19:18 you and other individuals in this field have done is it's all done in mice you know that's great but we're humans you know mice get all the benefits but
    19:27 but non-human primates is a big deal we share 99.99 of our kinetic code with
    19:34 them we do and then and uh so I've I've had a sneak peek at the at the results
    19:39 and I would say things look rather promising at this point it's a big deal guys it's a very big deal
    19:47 I think and so it's my prediction that uh we'll
    19:52 be in the next 18 months or two years testing our first age reversal uh clinical trial in humans
    20:00 um to cure blindness and those studies are actually being planned right now and the material to do that is being
    20:06 manufactured how are you guys feeling about your longevity mindsets now

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    21:32 daily symbiotic trust me your gut will thank you all right let's get back to our episode you know we're going to be

    Exploring the Longevity Lab

    21:38 thank you we're going to be visiting your lab during the longevity Platinum trip in in August and September
    21:44 um how many graduate students do you have there what's the setup that you have that will be meeting
    21:51 uh yeah I don't know if you had this experience but every day I go into my lab and I'm surprised how small it is
    21:57 it's just like Elon Musk says if you have dedicated people who know really how to
    22:02 make a difference and look forward rather than today they can achieve anything and so I've
    22:07 got this small group of around 20 bright-eyed young PhD students and
    22:13 postdocs who perform all this magic and uh it's a pretty small lab it's about a thousand square feet we do it all there
    22:18 and uh yeah it's a to me it's it's it's amazing to walk in
    22:24 there and I never get tired of showing people around because it's it's like magic you go in and you see um actually

    Rejuvenating Brains With Science

    22:30 I think the next slide might be interesting click to the right and what you'll see is that we're now growing uh
    22:37 human brains have any of you seen to grow these organites probably many of you have seen this so on the left we
    22:43 have cerebral organoids grown from Human tissue we can now I think we're the only lab now that can make these brains get
    22:50 really old we can make them 70 years old within a matter of weeks now they they develop dementia we can measure that with these electrodes on the right we
    22:57 grow them on these little electrodes and then we can and we do we reverse the age of those little organoids and they get
    23:03 their thinking ability back whatever that is we do see the Electoral activity come back sometimes they grow little
    23:10 eyes as well it's kind of cool amazing uh but why why do we do that it's not just cool it actually tells us that the
    23:15 whole brain is reversible and we've actually done this now in mice we haven't published this so you've heard it here first that we can reverse the
    23:22 age of an old Mouse's brain so they have dementia we spend three weeks reversing the age of the brain we just give them
    23:28 an intravenous injection of our therapy turn it on for four weeks and those mice
    23:34 have a young brain and they have their ability to learn again so I imagine a day where we will have an infusion
    23:39 either in our eye or in our whole body and we just take a drug to turn those
    23:45 genes on we use doxycycline just your antibiotic that's a trigger for those the trigger we don't need an antibiotic
    23:51 it's not used as an antibiotic it's a on off switch but we can reset the body and so
    23:56 after the eye we're going to go after hearing and dementia yes and there will be a day I believe where you will be
    24:03 able to rejuvenate your brain and get back memories get your ability to learn again wow okay let's give it up for that
    24:10 I mean are you guys hearing the same thing I just want to jump up and down here I mean so I listen I

    Reversing Aging With Drugs

    24:19 I've asked recurs while I've asked George church and now I'm asking you uh
    24:25 this idea of a longevity um escape velocity Target date let me
    24:31 give you a couple of a couple of uh decades and tell me you know as a betting man under over within the next
    24:37 decade in the second decade in the third decade
    24:42 uh do you mean escape velocity or this thing so when will have the ability to go and get a a mechanism that will allow
    24:52 us to uh basically age in place or age in Reverse
    24:57 so that we're no longer you know if ever you're alive we're extending our lifespan for more than a year
    25:05 well it's it's already here it's just not available widely um it's already here ladies and
    25:12 gentlemen at least if you're a mouse well so I'm
    25:19 not I'm not talking about our therapy that one is that's hardcore that's a rocket versus the Wright brothers uh but
    25:25 there there are Technologies now that and and some published papers that are talking about like rapamycin uh
    25:31 rapamycin and combinations so great faith he has done good work and continues to do good work on uh
    25:37 combinations of molecules that have age reversal properties so I believe that there are already molecules and drugs
    25:44 that you can use to reset your age somewhat not go back to being 30 years old again if you're my age our ability
    25:50 in my lab and presumably scientists across the world if they're smart to use
    25:55 AI to answer questions that that we were not able to you know I I wake up and post Serena my partner who's here with
    26:02 me um knows that I read papers first thing in the morning uh usually and uh
    26:08 so that is a real tax on on my brain but I can only cover 100 papers this morning
    26:14 7 000 papers published in the Medical Science every day
    26:19 yeah it so that alone the ability to synthesize that every day would be great and it we're doing that now but just
    26:26 ability to ask AI how to find the best molecules that can mimic
    26:31 the osk gene therapy you can ask AI that you can get decent answers so we are
    26:37 going to have exponentially exponential increases in the pace of
    26:44 this field so it's not just AI helping us be superhuman it's also the funding level the amount of money that has gone
    26:51 into certain companies in this area since we published that paper in nature uh there's been investment
    26:59 um uh and Jeff Bezos the evolution I was
    27:04 showing them some of the companies earlier that are yeah capitalized and the reason is perhaps to State the
    27:09 obvious is that this is an area that's no longer the Backwater of biology it really it's pharmaceutical development
    27:16 and those that capture that land will be the dominant industry of this Century
    27:22 amazing um you know one of the points I remember in discussion with you and George Church
    27:27 was that it's likely that a real Rejuvenation uh
    27:33 therapeutic will if it works for one tissue and organ will work for the entire body
    27:40 that's also lucky but it's true that's what we find in animals now we haven't I haven't injected myself yet I'm probably
    27:47 not going to do that for a few years but in in mice uh I'm shocked that what
    27:53 works in the eye in the optic nerves the nerve cells works in the epithelial
    27:58 cells in the retina works in the outer layer of cells on the retina works in the kidney we just published the muscle
    28:05 if it works in all those different cell types I think it's a universal process of biology to be able to be reset and uh
    28:14 so that's why I'm not exaggerating when I think a whole body reset is coming amazing one of the things that we talk
    28:20 about on the on the longevity Platinum trips usually is this idea of Gene therapies using these basically these
    28:27 molecular robots the adeno-associated viruses and where you can Target your virus towards particular tissues
    28:35 well that's what we do we have a domesticated virus the aav which is already used and approved by the FDA our
    28:40 system is a little bit more advanced the one that we co-developed with George um and that is it's a two-part system
    28:46 where you need both system with both parts but it's also inducible so right
    28:51 now as far as I'm aware nobody else is developing a product for uh in the
    28:57 clinic that is has an on off switch I think that's important for two reasons to make that happen even though it's
    29:03 triply expensive can I just when you're as you're setting this up you're saying
    29:09 we're going to put these three genes the osk genes in all the cells in your
    29:15 body but we're going to have to turn it on otherwise it's inactive it starts out off correct yeah yeah and
    29:22 that's what we did in this paper in nature and this new one in cell is that we have Exquisite control over when
    29:29 these genes come on for safety reasons but also because we now know in the mice at least you can
    29:36 reset multiple times so that you'll have this treatment your body will be filled
    29:41 with these genes they'll be off and if we get sick or if we get injured or if we get too old we can take a course of
    29:48 an antibiotic for a couple of months and get reset every time or if we're in the emergency room they give you an infusion
    29:54 of Doxycycline on come these repair genes your nose regrow your spine regenerates Etc
    30:00 amazing amazing
    30:08 um you know Tony and I were blessed to be able to provide you you know to give you gift you a quarter million dollar
    30:14 donation for your lab um where are you what if you had a limited
    30:20 funding which hopefully you will you don't yet where would you be experimenting where would you be going
    30:26 next yeah I would put a lot of effort in the
    30:32 next generation of age reversal Technologies right now it's a gene therapy which means it's it's going to
    30:37 be expensive and hard to uh fulfill our dreams of changing Humanity that said
    30:46 um what we want to do is we want to turn those Gene therapies into a pill
    30:52 and so you can take a course of a pill and get the same effect
    30:57 and that's it's actually easier to distribute molecules than it is viruses so I would expand that group and Screen
    31:05 millions of molecules for those ones that in combination could be taken
    31:10 either you could have a Cosmetic Company you could have probably one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies that's
    31:17 an area I think is super important to get ahead of hey everybody this is Peter a quick break from the episode I'm a
    31:23 firm believer that science and technology and how entrepreneurs can change the world is the only real news
    31:30 out there worth consuming I don't watch the crisis News Network I call CNN or Fox and hear every devastating piece of
    31:37 news on the planet I spend my time training my neural net the way I see the
    31:43 World by looking at the incredible breakthroughs in science and technology how entrepreneurs are solving the
    31:49 world's Grand challenges what the breakthroughs are in longevity how exponential Technologies are
    31:55 Transforming Our World so twice a week I put out a Blog one blog is looking at
    32:01 the future of longevity age reversal biotech increasing your health span the
    32:07 other blog looks at exponential Technologies AI 3D printing synthetic
    32:12 biology AR VR blockchain these Technologies are transforming what you as an entrepreneur can do if this is the
    32:18 kind of muse you want to learn about and shape your neural Nets with go to demandis.com backslash blog and learn
    32:25 more now back to the episode and one of the questions that people ask you and me

    Aging Reversal: $38 Trillion

    32:31 all the time is is this just a treatment for the wealthy and we saw the study
    32:36 done by London School of Business Oxford Harvard that reducing age one year in
    32:43 the global population adds 38 trillion dollars a global economy so it really is an uplifting of humanity so uh
    32:51 you think we will get as we get to volume we will get to a point where this is accessible affordable and made
    32:57 available to everybody or I'll die trying or yeah that's the goal I'm really optimistic I I already
    33:05 have some molecules in the lab that show signs of age reversal
    33:11 um But there again you know I want to build a Concord real fast let's talk about a few of the molecules people have

    NMN: Military Trials for Life

    33:17 heard about where are we on nmn which you speak about elegantly in lifespan
    33:26 um and which has now entered uh some interesting human clinical trials in partnership with the with the military
    33:33 yeah that's right so NAD uh again a show of hands so I know where to pitch it and
    33:38 everybody knows of NAD now and and heard of nmn not M M's mmn uh great so most of
    33:45 you and you if you've read my book you certainly know so for those of you who don't know very briefly NAD is a
    33:50 molecule required for life it's one of the most abundant molecules in our body and we make less of it and Destroy more of it as we get older and uh this is a
    33:58 molecule behind me called nmn it's one of us a small group of chemicals that we
    34:03 make normally but but we can also eat we can swallow we can inject that raise
    34:08 those levels of NAD back to youthful levels and we've published that this molecule taken at a gram or two gram
    34:15 levels in humans just swallowed every day will double or triple your NAD levels which is good because
    34:23 that we once did so that's not just important because we lack energy without this molecule it's required for about
    34:30 500 chemical reactions in the body there's a second reason why NAD is important there are enzymes in our body
    34:36 that we've worked on my whole career called sirtuins that don't protect the body against aging unless they have NAD
    34:44 and as your levels go down your body doesn't fight aging as well and that's one of the reasons you get older faster
    34:49 as you get older right so we know our parents our grandparents fall off a cliff age-wise health-wise one of the
    34:56 reasons is our NAD levels fall exponentially so we can replenish that we've got clinical studies now that show
    35:02 that it's not just possible to raise NAD levels but but when you do that you have health improvements in humans these were
    35:09 studies out of Harvard she'll end up Basin is is the pi I should credit him I
    35:15 was not involved and so what they said was lowering of cholesterol lowering your blood pressure
    35:21 um looks a lot like we got in mice improved endurance so we're starting to
    35:26 to learn that what we saw in the mice which was and publish this but increased lifespan
    35:31 improve uh Health less Frailty protection from radiation which is why
    35:37 we should take these molecules while flying or taking an x-ray um long story short we're starting to
    35:43 see translation of what we discovered in mice occur in humans and there are over
    35:49 five or yeah I think we're starting our sixth human clinical trial with a
    35:54 version of nmn which is crystalline and and stabilize now I hope that that gets
    35:59 on the market because it does belong in the hands of doctors um sooner than later because I think
    36:04 that it'll be used widely for many diseases you might be wondering what are these five clinical trials they're if I
    36:12 can remember some of them uh kidney failure uh during covert um there's an endurance one from the
    36:18 military uh I get in trouble saying that a few years ago on Joe Rogan but now they publicize it so I'm okay telling you
    36:24 this is the special forces are using it to help measure increasing strength but
    36:30 also increasing cognitive Focus during periods of extreme activity right uh
    36:35 it's also uh being used for um uh what is it brain fog after surgery
    36:41 yeah and uh and also in a cancer trial so it's it's pretty Broad and I'm
    36:48 optimistic at least one of those is going to be successful again will the gentleman Ed shulock who runs this will
    36:56 be part of our longevity trip we'll be seeing uh it's a Metro biosciences is that company uh Metro biotech thank you
    37:02 biotech yes so it is meeting with that too we co-founded that company we both put our money into build it and uh
    37:10 and uh he's the chairman on the advice chairman of that and it's been a long study you know people have heard about
    37:16 NAD now we started this company about 11 years ago so I've been at it for a while finally now that we hope the FDA because
    37:23 it's being considered as a potential drug the FDA is looking to take it off as a supplement and until that study
    37:30 comes out is that where we are well so yeah there's a lot of rumors about that so here here are the facts so
    37:37 nmn has not been taken off the market um I don't think it will be
    37:42 um they're pressed this president president for that um the company metrobiotech did start
    37:49 clinical trials about six years ago with nmn and according to the Food and Drug
    37:54 the administration act uh if that happens then
    37:59 the FDA should not allow additional permits to sell a supplement of the same
    38:05 material now it's similar material it's not exactly the same but still the FDA came
    38:11 down with a ruling saying that it falls under that rule now I'm I want everybody to have access to anything I I'm all for
    38:18 health not not for profit as a primary goal um so I I'm hopeful that Enderman will
    38:25 stay on the market yeah I mean I know some people have
    38:32 gotten angry because they think I control that company I don't I'm not CEO I'm not the chairman
    38:38 um I wish that that was not the case and uh I think I've said publicly I know I've said publicly that I want everybody
    38:44 to have access to that uh let's hit on a few other quick things uh rapamycin yeah are you taking it

    Reversing Aging Through Diet

    38:53 uh on and off um yes I I'm taking six milligrams once a
    38:59 week um metformin yeah
    39:04 daily when I remember when you remember yes well Serena I'm sure is there to help out when she can uh you've gone
    39:11 vegan have you always been vegan no I was uh
    39:16 pseudo-mediterranean about two years ago and which I thought was healthy red wine
    39:22 cheese it was a great life but unfortunately I I was losing my memory
    39:27 uh and I I really wasn't that I mean I was about seven or eight years younger than my
    39:33 actual age according to inside tracker a testing company um I met Serena poon who's here in the
    39:39 audience who Peter's been referenced I've been referencing she's a among other things a nutritionist but also a
    39:45 longevity expert and a lot of things I don't know she does and one of those things is what to eat
    39:50 um so she turned me on to veganism now I would say I'm a struggling vegan I still have butter and milk occasionally
    39:55 I'll occasionally have some alcohol but I do try to be plant focused as much as
    40:01 I can and I do it turns out I love plant stuff I love hummus and baba ganoush and
    40:06 all that stuff so I don't just eat salads but what what surprised me when I
    40:12 switched to listen to Serena is that I measure myself in many ways as I think
    40:17 you all know I went back another two years in my biological age just in a couple of months after switching to that
    40:23 diet so I've been convinced now I think there are a lot of people who say well I gotta have my meat I've got my alcohol I
    40:30 would say just try to temper it especially the alcohol yeah my my father used to say Metron
    40:35 artist on everything in moderation talk about mitochondria I mean the PowerHouse uh you know the whole nmn NAD complex
    40:43 but um the number of mitochondria fall off as we age and the efficiency of them
    40:50 um what's that's one of the Hallmarks of Aging yeah it is so there are about a dozen
    40:57 Hallmarks now we keep adding on and these are really underlying causes of Aging mitochondrial dysfunction is one
    41:03 of them um though I think that epigenetic changes drive a lot of these including mitochondrial effects because when we
    41:09 reset the age of the cell the mitochondria get rejuvenated which is good news now these power packs decline
    41:14 in a man and boosters of NAD rejuvenate mitochondria and that's we've been shown to be highly beneficial in animals and
    41:21 knowing people and so one of the things that you want to do is make sure that your battery packs your mitochondria
    41:27 stay healthy and numerous and that's one of the reasons exercise and fasting are beneficial is that your body boosts the
    41:33 mitochondria and your fasting regime right now is it has it changed at all are you still one meal a day or are you
    41:40 I try I ate a little bit of lunch as you saw I I really try it Serena will tell you like pieces
    41:46 yeah you know it's really hard I agree that just having one meal a day
    41:53 um is a challenge I think it's okay if you're not perfect you I try to skip breakfast I try to skip lunch I'm not
    42:00 always successful but in general my average day looks like most of my calories are eaten within a six hour
    42:05 window and so I feel getting enough protein to keep your muscle mass we've talked a lot about the importance of muscle and reversing sarcopenia as we
    42:13 age yeah I do so I think if you if you don't pay attention to what you eat and you just
    42:18 eat lettuce leaves you're not going to do it but we're Serene and I are very careful we we focus on legumes and we we
    42:26 those plants that have high protein content and nutrition and that's the key you need to educate yourself on what to
    42:32 eat not just when to eat uh I think I promoted uh lifespan more
    42:38 than any of my own books it was just such a beautiful book you're very kind and I think it's important it's waking people up to the possibility to give
    42:46 them hope and to give them a mindset uh you have another book you're working on
    42:52 right when do we expect that what's it going to be about uh well also congrats on on your book
    42:59 life force so it's sold very well and I think deservedly so there's a whole chapter in the book that Tony and I
    43:04 wrote about David yeah well thank you again for that that was kind and if you haven't read
    43:10 live for us well worth it uh so yeah the book two is everything that you wanted
    43:16 to know that wasn't in lifespan will be in this one uh so I'm thinking about calling it
    43:22 lifespan too it's really a journey through second life through time that's a good one yeah a Journey Through Time
    43:29 looking at what makes us human what what are you know what's in our genetic makeup and our epigenetic makeup
    43:36 that we can learn from in how to live our lives through this tumultuous time
    43:42 where Society is trying to not just kill us but make us age rapidly
    43:48 um our lifestyles of sitting and eating and lack of exercise stress even social
    43:54 media is really bad these are things that put the body in a state of complacency and this book will
    44:02 be in the same way lifespan was the textbook this will be the guidebook of how to live in today's world and Beyond

    A Low Inflammation Lifestyle

    44:09 amazing um you know you pinned a tweet in which you talk about the factors that are
    44:16 counter to a longer healthier life smoking for sure
    44:21 that's the worst and the worst alcohol intake again new new data data says alcohol is
    44:28 worse than I even thought um so if you want your Resveratrol take the pill not the red wine definitely okay
    44:34 waist size what waste a waist size yeah so people
    44:42 who are overweight um have a in general an older epigenetic
    44:49 age than those who stay at a BMI between RC 21 and 24. so that's a fact so if you
    44:55 want to age slower maintain your BMI in what's considered a healthy range
    45:01 inflammatory CRP levels yep that's something that's yeah the
    45:07 underlying killer for so much for sure for sure and there are foods that you eat can that can be inflammatory uh for
    45:14 instance some of us are uh have a reaction to dairy or to certain grains be careful about that you don't
    45:20 want that your gut is very important for inflammation you don't want bacteria getting into your gut lodging in your
    45:25 bloodstream or in your brain that can cause these diseases that we all know of so yeah keep inflammation low and one of
    45:32 the best ways to do that is to uh not just eat well but also make sure
    45:38 that you're not allergic to things in your environment and you can do blood tests to make sure that it's not happening
    45:43 David it's an honor to call you as a friend I'm grateful to have you here thank you
    45:49 for all you're doing likewise sir thank you sir let's give it up for David Sinclair foreign
    45:56 [Music]