2023-05-19 - Interview Dr. David Sinclair - Optimize Longevity - Ask Us Anything

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    The theme of Episode 3 in this series is “ask us anything!” Discover what it means to be “fully aligned” and why David and Serena started the company, Fully Aligned Co, LLC – your go-to resource for healthy lifestyle tips, nutrition advice, and more! This conversation is packed with lots of fun and exciting info - we hope you can tune in!



    0:00 often I'm sending papers every every maybe a couple of days I'm sending something that's really relevant and
    0:06 Serena will say pretty much always you have already already read it I've ordered that I've talked to the founder
    0:13 uh and having lunch with that person so she she really is um quite the academic
    0:19 uh and scientist underneath the hood and I think she's okay now with us revealing
    0:25 that side of her I mean it's perfectly complementary to the other work that we do together
    0:31 [Music]
    0:51 hi hey okay yeah so just just as a note it seems like
    1:00 when people go live uh the volume drops your volume sounds great but just double check on your device
    1:08 yeah okay cool great uh so okay so we're we haven't gotten a
    1:16 lot of questions about probably aligned um I'm not sure if you want to start off
    1:22 by telling people a little bit about it we do have questions about diet
    1:28 uh about menopause we're putting we're gonna put these on a list for our
    1:33 um our 300 30s that we're going to continue on our series uh and everyone's telling me telling us
    1:40 where they're from because before you jumped out I was I was asking everyone just like tell us where you're from it's
    1:45 really cool to see that our community is absolutely worldwide and international so we really have people from everywhere
    1:51 on here it's um amazing well so fully aligned came from us meeting a little over a year ago

    About Fully Aligned Co

    1:58 we were at a conference scientific conference on longevity and the two of us ended up bumping into each other at
    2:04 dinner and realized you know we really have a lot of in common when it comes to wanting to keep other people healthy and
    2:10 live long and we started sharing our little secrets and found that uh they were really complementary your knowledge
    2:16 is very extensive in areas that I don't know much about and vice versa I'm a
    2:21 molecular biologist and so we've put our heads together and realized we can offer people a lot of information
    2:27 in terms of communication like we're doing now and we're working on some other really interesting projects one of which we're going to talk about today
    2:33 and there's another one I know you're working on in your company which we'll talk about so this is a really exciting
    2:39 uh Instagram live for us because it's not just about nutrition and Longevity
    2:45 it's also about things that we're going to be bringing out under the fully aligned brand yeah yeah so um thank you
    2:52 for that because David's much more concise as you guys know by now I can go on and on and on uh so that was a nice
    2:58 very kind of concise history sum up of uh how it came together what it's for
    3:04 what we're doing uh thank you so much for all of these uh questions that we're
    3:10 going to start sharing uh sneak peeks into some of our projects and also as we
    3:16 kind of lead into full launches for them so okay so let's see we do have some
    3:22 questions uh you might want to answer uh we could tease a little bit about of a
    3:27 podcast or two let's do that okay do you want to talk about that well since

    Lifespan podcast season two

    3:33 Serena and I are working on a lot of new Communications uh various Avenues the
    3:39 the podcast Series 2 is being worked on right now and I can promise you we can promise you that it's gonna be bigger
    3:46 and better than it was before so it's taken a while to readjust to rejig to get some uh some new talent and it's
    3:52 going to be really great when we launch this and process we work on this every day so we want to get it out just as
    3:59 quickly as you want to hear it yeah so so that's um you know things kind of take a little bit
    4:06 of like Rebrand and really kind of work out work uh I don't even say Kinks it's just
    4:12 everything is a learning process so all of your feedback here is really exciting and helpful
    4:19 um all of it uh it kind of helps us sort of create co-create what it is that you
    4:24 guys want to hear what you guys want to see uh uh people are asking about what it what
    4:30 does it mean to be fully aligned that's a great question do you want to take a stab at that before I do oh boy

    What does it mean to be fully aligned for us

    4:36 this is a dangerous one because this is not my language actually what's fascinating and interesting about Serena
    4:44 and my partnership is that we came together with very different language I would talk about molecules and atoms and
    4:50 and that was my language and three would talk about uh vibrations and energy and
    4:55 alignment and uh so what I believe this is is that the two of us have synchronized with our our goals together
    5:04 and or exactly as I would say on the same page wanting to reach the same Mission which is democratize make
    5:11 available information products uh other things that we're working on that are
    5:16 currently in in stealth mode but the two of us really we connected and we decided
    5:22 to call this company fully alone for that reason and uh and uh you know little things
    5:29 that you guys will reveal over time we've revealed a little bit here and there is so David figured out I'm actually a nerd

    How did David figure out that Serena is a nerd

    5:36 so I'm a secret stealth file hacking nerd I read papers on a daily basis and
    5:44 papers as in you know the same type of papers from Sal from PubMed from this is
    5:50 not what I share online yeah but can we can I reveal that now is that
    5:56 is that possible because I think most of you don't know Serena the way I've gotten to know her
    6:02 um in the sense that often I'm sending papers every every maybe a couple of days I'm sending something that's really
    6:09 relevant and Serena will say pretty much always I ordered that I've talked to the
    6:16 founder uh I'm having lunch with that person so she she really is um I the
    6:22 academic uh and scientist underneath the hood and I think she's okay now with us
    6:27 revealing that side of her I mean it's perfectly complementary to the other work that we do together and together we
    6:34 we believe we can bring you information that'll give you not just longer life but much better healthier enjoyable
    6:40 productive life as well yeah thank you for that and um no I'm
    6:45 okay with that being shared now my community knows that I can be kind of ready um I'm not sure if uh your community and
    6:51 our co-committee know that because there are questions about different products that are on my site different things
    6:56 that I talk about and uh it's when we're talking you know fully aligned the way

    Serena on what is Fully Aligned Co

    7:02 my practice has worked it's a little bit of everything it is holistic in that and I would say holistic
    7:10 w-h-o-l-i-s-t-i-c and so it is the physical body um and it is the the emotional body it
    7:17 is the the energetic body so to speak and you'll see some of that information in my site you'll see some of that in
    7:24 the content I produce and that's also and there's actually a lot more science um and research behind that that then
    7:31 we've maybe shared up to date so far that we will bring a lot more of that
    7:38 sort of tangible uh research evidence um two fully aligned and obviously to to
    7:45 my um to my content uh maybe just some content David has some really exciting
    7:52 things to to share and she's as we you know a few more minutes in because we're
    7:57 only about 15 minutes in uh so so that's kind of what it is it's all to it's all
    8:03 kind of brought together there are tangible things that we now have so much research and data on which is how how
    8:10 our how our gut health affects our mind and our mood and you know it goes all
    8:15 the way to you know diseases and so and so the regulation of our our our
    8:22 emotional body you know what I call our emotion of our emotional Wellness our mental Wellness that has that that plays
    8:30 along with um mindset with uh meditation place along is probably not the right word to use but you know that kind of it
    8:37 all kind of comes together and then that affects our physical body so that's a lot of what we talk about David and ion
    8:44 also comes from um it's what I talk about so sometimes I include
    8:50 tangible um products and different items for people
    8:56 to connect to that sort of uh that type of mentality that belief and it really
    9:02 it really becomes a supportive tool I wouldn't say it's the same as a book but tools or tools so there will there will
    9:10 there will be a book we need to capture your brain in a book so that everyone
    9:15 um so let's reveal some news we and um and answer some questions I've been writing some of these down yeah
    9:22 um I'll go quickly let's let's go ahead so let's go quickly all right so uh one

    Thoughts on one meal a day vs eating window and intermittent fasting

    9:28 question um one meal a day highly support it Cindy and I disagree I think that one meal a day is good for me
    9:34 someone my age of 53. I don't need a lot of calories and I really have an enjoyable large meal that's plant-based
    9:41 majority plant-based and I'm off okay I do I mean Serena's gonna say
    9:47 sometimes I do have maybe a little bit of uh Sushi occasionally I'm a struggling vegan okay
    9:54 do you actually do one meal a day most days with well I have well when I'm with
    10:01 you you're always giving food to me so that's not fair but when I'm alone
    10:07 and I I would eat uh maybe some nuts and chocolate in the afternoon to get
    10:12 through I've not eaten anything today so all right because we both believe in sort of in uh
    10:20 giving her giving our digestive system space so we both are a big believer in fasting and intermittent fasting
    10:27 I believe in an eating window because I don't think that it's always possible to
    10:34 get all the nutrients that we need in one meal so an eating window that allows
    10:40 a space to maybe so maybe the one large meal is extended over a period of couple
    10:46 hours sometimes maybe uh but it's really about everything that David has shared
    10:52 about why you just have that one meal why we fast how that's beneficial it's also super important that you get in the
    10:59 nutrients that your body needs in that meal if you can do it excellent right
    11:04 and if you can't then make sure that you do in a short eating window so how's
    11:10 that good and we will devote a whole live at least to the plan versus meat
    11:17 debate it's out there a lot of people are confused why what's the data on why plants might be better I I prefer plants
    11:25 because I've seen a scientific evidence and it works for my body I measure things so do you see but we'll cover
    11:31 that it's too long to go into in detail today because we've got other things to talk about as well yeah a lot of people

    NMN and its effect on the microbiome

    11:37 asking about nmn um I tweeted out that anime affects the microbiome we have a
    11:42 paper that just got published from my uh sister lab in Australia and
    11:48 quickly the answer is that when you swallow any man it gets metabolized by the microbiome at lower in the gut so it
    11:56 gets absorbed higher in the gut there's no microbiome it gets absorbed directly so it's different as to where so first of all
    12:02 it's going in directly absorbed lower down microbiome changes it
    12:07 and it gets absorbed differently and that's all in the paper the bottom line is we know now from Human studies
    12:13 they're being published that when you take an amend a gram or two grams it's so far very safe and you raise your NAD
    12:20 levels which is the molecule you want to boost for anti-aging potential effects goes up by about twofold and so we can
    12:27 argue about how it gets in but the fact is it does get in okay and I'd like to just make a note on
    12:34 um the gram or two grams everybody's different um is it just if you guys are taking it
    12:41 you know and you're taking it from you know I know that we get a lot of questions about
    12:47 manufacturers and Brands and you know we've been we've talked about why we
    12:52 don't share that for those of you out there who are taking nmn just be really conscientious of who's making it
    13:00 um you can do your own research on checking uh about the transparency of those companies and whether or not
    13:06 that's a good clean product and then just also just be mindful that everybody's different so sometimes you
    13:12 have to titrate up which means maybe you don't start off at a gram um you start off at 250 or 500 and you
    13:19 kind of work your way up everybody's response to is different male versus female it's different your age that all
    13:25 matters and so more is not necessarily better so I just want everyone to
    13:32 remember that it's what your body needs and the maximum that your body needs for
    13:38 the maximum results is what serves you so um
    13:43 we're gonna rapid fire on your own I've got lots of questions here okay um so

    NMN side effects

    13:50 uh yeah there's no known side effects no negative side effects it's FDA approved
    13:55 for clinical trials so far there's been no evidence I want to be the first person to know if there's any safety
    14:01 issues in animals or in humans and on at this moment and you'll be the first to know if I do find anything like that
    14:07 because I need to know I'm taking it Serena's taking it my dad's taking it so we want to know if there's anything
    14:12 wrong so far nothing like that um lowering CRP somebody asked that's
    14:17 the inflammatory molecule that you can measure for a cardiovascular disease you can lower that by eating foods that are
    14:22 anti-inflammatory I take I take omega 3 6 and 9 fatty acids uh daily as well to
    14:29 try and bring down that inflammation anything else to read on that yes just take out inflammatory
    14:35 um substances from your life so you know there's a question about alcohol and sugar and obviously processed foods
    14:42 these are all things that can raise your inflammatory markers so if you take them out then your markers will naturally
    14:49 lower uh without you having to even take anything in so so there's that there's a
    14:55 lot of questions about supplements I think you know we talk a lot we talk a lot about anime almost every single time
    15:00 we chat so maybe like let's are there questions that you down that aren't
    15:05 um last thing on nmn uh we will have
    15:10 announcements about anime later in the year um but yeah we're both working on things
    15:16 uh together and separately that will satisfy the Curiosity and also the need for non-purity about these substances
    15:24 because some of them have endotoxin we've found in my lab at Harvard which is kind of scary so we're working on
    15:29 that stay tuned we have other announcements today though we want to get to yeah so stay tuned in that we
    15:35 will also probably address Resveratrol and foreman and burgering lots of questions on that I see them and we will
    15:42 address this and yes I still take physique and chrisseton um they're good as uh someone activators
    15:49 and say analytics but I'm going to Serena let you pick some questions for us to answer
    15:58 related to supplements um because they talk about that a lot
    16:05 um work is ongoing glaucoma we're testing now ready for safety testing in humans
    16:12 hopefully by next year we'll cure aim to cure blindness in people without age reversal system one thing that's really
    16:19 cool is in the lab we're looking at ways to reverse aging not just with gene therapy but with chemicals and we've
    16:25 made some real breakthroughs there stay tuned for that yes yes great uh what
    16:31 else is there there's some questions about Quantum I would say if you have questions about Quantum then go to we've done a series
    16:39 with uh with a company called River Quantum and they actually have uh some scientific uh evidence on how the
    16:48 frequencies and the energy can actually affect changes in our blood and they have evidence for that so they've got
    16:53 all the data they've got papers you can go check it out there uh a lot so that hopefully will address the questions
    17:00 about uh energy and Quantum and we will share David's personal experiences on another AMA but know that they're there
    17:09 um oh someone asked about the website of our new partnership so website is being built in the meantime we have sort of a
    17:16 landing page it's a temporary site uh and it's with David and serena.com
    17:23 yeah okay so it's David and serena.com it's really just just something for you
    17:29 guys to go to to get some basic information you can always uh message us
    17:34 I know that we get a lot of messages we don't always get a chance to answer all of them um in uh direct messages texting kind of
    17:41 works because we get less people that go through the effort of texting so those questions uh get seen earlier
    17:49 um you can also sign up of course on our optimized longevity series uh to that
    17:55 newsletter we get those as well um but the site is temporary uh it's being built
    18:01 we we for some reason didn't really think about that before before we announced it we did but we have a
    18:07 temporary site yeah I've got some things I want to uh jump in on yes the site was
    18:12 great Serena's team did a great job I cannot take credit for any of it on stem cells we're looking into it Serena and I
    18:18 actually traveled the world to other parts of the world looking at what's going on we'll have a whole section
    18:24 devoted to that later we think it's really promising but there's a lot of bunk out there so we've been looking for the best in the world and what's real
    18:31 we're also researching this at Harvard I'll tell you about that later CT scan someone else um C scans are break they
    18:37 break DNA and we have a paper that is going to come out in a big Journal that shows that broken DNA accelerates aging
    18:44 dramatically so try to avoid any excessive radiation that you can x-ray CT scans unless it's for medical reasons
    18:51 and your doctor says you should have it uh don't don't go there try to avoid all radiation because that will Aid you our
    18:58 paper will show and that that paper is coming out pretty soon yeah it's a 13-year study about how to control aging
    19:05 forwards and backwards in the same individual and I think we've got a really good handle on why we age

    Inflammatory markers and how to lower them

    19:11 and as I say in my book why we probably don't have to age
    19:16 and and when can we maybe expect that
    19:22 um is that safe to say I know that the publication well it's provisionally accepted into
    19:29 one of the world's top journals uh we're submitting a cover design for the for our and uh you know I don't want to jinx
    19:36 it but it's going to be one of the biggest most comprehensive papers that have ever been published in that journal
    19:41 13 years of work 60 scientists 15 Labs uh around the world to make this happen
    19:47 and it's finally coming out the first author almost quit because it was so hard and I told him just don't quit
    19:54 fortunately uh he didn't and it's uh it's one of the biggest discoveries of my entire career super excited to share
    20:01 it with you you'll see that we think we've understood finally what a major driver of the aging process is and how
    20:07 we can actually reverse that very quickly within just a matter of weeks yeah so that's super super exciting you
    20:14 guys and um and well and I don't think there's a need to rewind because I'm thinking everyone on here is going to be
    20:20 ready and waiting for that but we will we will definitely um give you some reminders when it comes
    20:25 out and probably do a full uh even longer chat on that once it does

    Does NMN help with testosterone?

    20:33 oh you're gonna you're gonna be upset I think I I thought does any man help with testosterone quick answer is looks like
    20:40 it does uh I've personally experienced this um and so you have to you should
    20:45 measure it if you're taking in a minute so in the seven eight years that you've been taking nmn you're going to reveal
    20:52 the the up levels we'll do that another episode so um so I have some questions here uh real
    20:59 quick there's a lot of questions about some brand of Metformin again we do not
    21:05 um Advocate uh you know brands for supplements like that I would say go to
    21:10 our trusted resources so we have some uh some um
    21:15 Brands Partners we have there are there are some people that we really stand
    21:20 behind and stand with uh and that's under our trusted resources under optimized longevity so if you go there
    21:27 you will see and if you go there right now you'll see um that there's a company that we're
    21:33 gonna share about real actually well we should talk about my app and supplements and then we'll talk about that we'll
    21:39 kind of leave that as our last thing we chat we might go over 30 minutes but if you go to our trusted resources then
    21:45 you'll see um who we stand with uh and um and if it's not on there then
    21:51 I would say that probably answers your question at least for now okay um some quick ones um lots of questions
    21:57 about metformin uh oh oh can I real quick just because I
    22:03 don't want to let too much time your comments about CT scans what I wanted to add on to those as

    Serena about CT scans

    22:10 David said sometimes it's necessary so if it's absolutely necessary you know someone that you love is in the hospital
    22:15 there's reasons someone talked about um they need it for you know their parents have cancer do it if it's necessary it's just like
    22:23 don't do it if it's not necessary you can't be worried about what it's doing to your body if you're in an acute
    22:30 um situation and the doctors are saying and of course there are times that maybe it's not necessary the doctors just want
    22:36 to do extra um but you know when it is and so don't not do it got it
    22:42 um okay so um I was talking about metformin yeah one gram a day for me you want to talk to your doctor you want to

    About Metformin

    22:49 because it's a medicine in at least in Western countries uh I'll talk about the counter at other in other countries you
    22:54 need a prescription there are companies online that can give you a prescription if you're interested but make sure you
    23:00 do it with supervision because everyone's different some people are very sensitive um their blood levels can grow go low
    23:06 yeah glucose some people feel sick um I take some food with it usually to
    23:12 try and stop that sick feeling but there was a lot of science we'll go into it again in another episode about what
    23:18 metformin seems to do guys just reducing blood sugar I know everyone's curious and keep following us keep showing up
    23:24 for these lives because we will dive in a lot more deeply and a lot more frequently now yeah um and I know and
    23:30 also with the berberine you know questions about that and then there are things that you can also
    23:37 um uh take together with metformin's to offset some of you know some of the side
    23:43 effects that some people may experience I don't I take it I don't have any any side effects from it but
    23:49 um your body tells you so you know if you're if you're taking it and you experience this if you're it depending
    23:55 if you're taking the evening or during the day you know if there's a little bit too much sweating if there's if there's dizziness if there's light headedness it
    24:02 might be taking too much reprimination you want to do with a doctor in very low doses be careful it's
    24:08 a drug that can be toxic to your kidneys so that little doctor prescribed as well but the date is really good on it in
    24:16 animals and early studies and clinical trials that it can mimic really deep fasting and may promote longevity but
    24:23 it's right on the edge of of The Cutting Edge where you need to be under doctor's supervision yeah and something that I'd
    24:29 like to also add is a big part of what I do is taking a look at what we take in that's beneficial for us in these ways
    24:35 XYZ but then where might it not serve our body as well and then how we can complement that so uh some of these
    24:43 things are medication and they may cause some uh uh nutritional deficiencies in
    24:49 some ways and help us in these ways so it's about what you tip together so that you maximize on benefits all around so
    24:56 those are the things we'll be talking about more as well all right I metformin and bubbling can be taken together
    25:02 so we'll talk about that I saw a question um I've been invited to go visit Easter Island where uh rapamycin was discovered
    25:09 you want to come with me maybe we'll we'll consider that one and do a live from there are you are you inviting me
    25:15 let me think about it okay okay so let's talk about a couple
    25:21 other things you know we have a couple other things that we need to uh that we mentioned in our caption that we're
    25:26 going to share uh one of them that for those of you that are part of my community you know that uh there's an
    25:32 app coming out so and David got a chance to have a sneak peek in that app uh and right now
    25:40 just kind of going to the beta Community you can share about your thoughts on the app well what I love about it is that it

    Serena’s latest launch

    25:45 took me on a journey uh I was asked very simple questions about what I'm looking
    25:50 for what kind of uh health and mindfulness and what kind of person I am what do I like to eat and then it gave
    25:58 me these uh these plans for nutrition meals daily activities that you know to
    26:04 improve your life and really what it is it's basically putting your mind and your personality into an app I don't
    26:10 know how you did it uh but it it you've got a little picture of you there and it does feel a lot like what it's like to
    26:17 meet you and talk to you so I think it's getting people really going to like it for that reason to have intimate contact
    26:22 with you at least through this this app that you've poured everything for the last couple of years into and put your
    26:28 soul into it really uh well no it's actually I have to give I have to give thank you for that I have
    26:34 to give credit to my team it has been two years it's been about one I think gosh time flies I'm not really sure I
    26:39 think it's about a year uh but really my team has been amazing uh and she and
    26:46 that she's they um they've really helped us put this together put help me put this together
    26:52 so right now it's going to go into the Beta Community uh so if you want to be a
    26:57 part of that sort of test Community we'll work out the Kinks uh you can sign up there's a link in my bio you can sign
    27:04 up to uh sort of be one of the first to get access to that uh to that app and it'll go really full and um a full lunch
    27:11 probably towards the end of the year beginning of the year uh and along with that we actually have some supplements
    27:19 um some Therapeutics Therapeutics and nutraceuticals that we are watching at
    27:24 the beginning of the year uh and we are going to release a few of those items
    27:29 just in time for the holidays so during the holidays we have a little bit more
    27:36 stress we're eating a little bit more or maybe breaking our rules hold on one second David looks Frozen
    27:41 oh okay I'm just listening
    27:48 um anyway uh so we have we have it's a holiday bundle basically so we have a
    27:54 tendency to eat a little outside of what David and I talk about so
    27:59 um there'll be some digestive enzymes to help support that uh we're under a little bit more stress because of how
    28:05 they season and sometimes seeing a lot of family vacuum booster so there will be some adrenal support stress support
    28:11 sleep support um all of that will be a part of what we're going to release and launch in the
    28:18 next uh six to eight weeks so you can stay tuned for that [Music]

    Skin and hair secrets

    28:31 um skin and hair we'll cover that we've covered it before uh three your hair is
    28:36 is a is a piece of art is uh is what seventh eighth wonder of the world so
    28:42 you I know that you do things for your hair and your skin they're remarkable I I actually know how old you are it's
    28:48 remarkable how you've treated your body and look how you do for me uh I don't dye my hair this is natural I don't have
    28:55 a gray hair actually I had one gray hair but actually three and it's gone now so I don't know
    29:02 so I I do most of my my um anti-aging from the inside with my supplements but
    29:07 I also I use creams that we've developed over the years uh on my face that every
    29:13 night I I put some Resveratrol containing cream on there and uh and that's it there's no plastic surgery
    29:19 trust me uh and Serena your secrets you want to divulge Jenny yeah you know it's
    29:25 thank you so much for your compliments I uh so very similar I've been
    29:31 you know I believe that longevity really kind of starts at the very very beginning we talk about we've talked about this like it starts when you're
    29:37 still in the in the in the womb right um and that's where educating parents moving forward on that uh but everything
    29:44 is from the inside out for me so our diet our lifestyle um obviously some supplements
    29:51 um all of that is what contributes to this which by the way is real they are not extensions you would be able to see
    29:57 them um so we're going to announce a new skin
    30:02 care yes product later so stick with us yes
    30:08 and then also at night to sort of stuff but uh and I actually not as religious
    30:14 about as David is about putting something a cream on my face every single night but I am very religious
    30:21 about using high quality products uh and what I'm putting into my body so what's
    30:27 exciting is that um you know with everything else that we've been doing we actually have a
    30:34 project that we've been working on that is uh geared towards that so we can just
    30:39 tease about it a little bit right now um also no plastic surgery on me I do uh
    30:45 wear eyelashes that you guys can tell aren't real um but everything here is real people
    30:51 somebody said yes you have feelers and I can promise that there's there's no pills in your face no I don't go on with
    30:58 nicely plump shakes you can see yeah I don't do fillers I can show you pictures from when I was um little until gosh
    31:07 definitely in my 30s where I just hold a lot of fat in my face it didn't really
    31:13 serve me until I got older so you kind of just have to wait it out so for all those you out there who have chubby
    31:19 cheeks and you just have a lot of fat in your face it just you know feels like it
    31:24 works against you but then you get older and then you're really happy that you have all that uh let's see a little
    31:29 dysport oh yes yes so I do do that and I'm super open about it I do a little bit of disc warp
    31:35 um but I don't do filler this is just in the face
    31:41 so let's see um no I don't no I don't do that let's see what else is there
    31:49 um we can uh hold on hold on uh okay so I don't I don't see that
    31:55 anymore questions you can ask you can ask me questions though because you pretty much know oh about about your skin well your diet
    32:03 means that your body is naturally healthy and your hair just grows amazingly well
    32:09 um I I was I was skeptical and I'm very very hydrated a lot of hydration too that's true all right somebody else

    About retinoids

    32:16 about retinoids I did try Retin-A cream for a while it's up here I've I ran out
    32:22 months ago I'll probably use it again because I think it it does make my skin look better but I'm not sure if it's I
    32:28 use it I do but I'm not sure it's a longevity thing I think it might actually be the opposite because it's
    32:34 making your skin proliferate so I'm I'm on the fence about retinoids if you want to look good quickly use it if you want
    32:41 to look good for a long time I think it's questionable um I use the the percentage is very very
    32:47 low so it doesn't actually make it um so I think we can actually talk about that another time too like to percentages of
    32:54 things um yes we're both plant-based no I've never done a fraxel or later yes we
    33:01 drink alcohol water as much as we can we do but also measure alkalinity levels
    33:06 you don't want to go too offline yeah oh sorry uh uh written I I actually I use
    33:14 it right here and I do maybe it's wrong but I do put it here even under my eyes
    33:19 I've been told that's dangerous but I do it every day when I have it I think it's bad it seems to work for me
    33:27 actually don't do that I don't have I create I do here and there for Darkness
    33:34 under eyes that's usually a liver deficiency so if I ever feel that I've got yeah some Darkness under my eyes I I
    33:41 work on my liver and then it goes away so let's see contacts oh I do wear
    33:48 contacts I mean I'm like negative seven I think um which is something we need to work on
    33:54 so my eyesight can get a little bit better so I do they're based they're the same color and I don't know I don't know
    34:00 if this is doing weird things in my eyes it could be like if you see the lightness in eyes it's definitely the
    34:05 ring light um because I don't think you would see that under a photo oh probably I'll
    34:12 probably need to get contact someday but I'm so far I get get through with goodbye without glasses so what what
    34:19 else can we announce I think we've got some interesting announcements yes okay so I think since we're talking about
    34:25 skin we can we can tease about uh this project that we've been working on uh
    34:30 since if anyone does go to The Trusted resources uh on our optimized longevity
    34:37 site it'll be at the very top of the site so I'm not going to share the name
    34:43 or any of that because people can go there and look but there is a project and you know maybe you can talk a little
    34:49 bit about the project David and then and then we can talk about how we're going to share more next week in full yeah
    34:57 okay this is the first big project that you and I have done together and it was born out of some

    Serena and David's first big project together

    35:03 research originally in my lab and then it was spun out into a little uh
    35:09 Boutique company that that works on anti-aging skin products and we we have
    35:14 formed a collaboration with NASA and JPL to find organisms that could help
    35:20 rejuvenate the skin and we found one that can survive in outer space and is highly resistant to ultraviolet
    35:26 radiation which causes aging and we found with the chief scientist whose name is Kyle we'll introduce him another
    35:33 day yeah and he's he's a he's a little genius he uh found that this organism
    35:39 has great properties for rejuvenating skin and protecting it from radiation and he put that into a cosmetic product
    35:47 that we've co-developed Serena nine and we put it in in people and found that it has a variety of rejuvenating properties
    35:54 it reduces uh discoloration of the skin and almost everybody saw I think
    36:00 everybody saw improvements in terms of wrinkles Plumping um and it's actually so popular that I
    36:07 just I don't I don't have any left all of my friends and family and three of you you like to take my extra bottles I
    36:13 don't have any left it everybody has seen improvements I've never seen a product like it in my house before and
    36:20 so we're gonna make this I don't need your bottles okay so you maybe you're giving it to your friends but everybody
    36:26 that tries it once more that's 100 true and we thought that we would use this
    36:31 space technology to make our first product which will be this skin cream that has this age reversal property I'm
    36:38 super excited about it it's really the first consumer product that's come out of my lab in the last 20 years
    36:44 and it's um it's really exciting we're going to dive into a full episode of eye
    36:50 to eye I love it um I have definitely experienced
    36:56 um benefits from it and with all things you know consistent use so you know I
    37:01 know that especially for women um what could be men too we kind of like
    37:07 go through products and something seems super new and and um and you use it for
    37:12 a little bit just with all things like our diet like our fitness like mindfulness meditation this is something
    37:18 that if you're really consistent about it you will I mean it'll it'll change
    37:23 everything so so something that um we can share a lot more about next week
    37:28 when we do we'll do a live and that's part of its now we'll go check it out check out the site look at it I think it
    37:36 might be available for pre-orders right now there's it's limited in quantity you know it's it's there's a lot of sales so
    37:42 it's yeah like it's it's got so many uh so little uh numbers right now it
    37:50 probably will sell out so if you want to get on the pre-orders definitely go do that that's on our link
    37:57 yeah yeah we crafted it in small batches because it's it's really an interesting
    38:03 product made up of key ingredients that you don't find in other products and Kyle and his team had to make the small
    38:09 batches because it's it's basically a crafted artisanal product but it works
    38:15 works great you know of course if it sells out we'll make more don't worry about that but if you want to be the
    38:20 first people to try it I would get on the wait list it's coming out shortly yeah and um and so sort of and you guys
    38:28 are on here so you guys are sort of like the first to even know about that we haven't even announced that publicly at
    38:33 all um but we will give we'll have even more information so you'll get a chance to
    38:39 talk to Kyle and we'll have them on next week I'm not sure what day yet but we will let you know so you want to stay
    38:45 tuned and you want to make sure you follow and do well that will announce when we do that joint live and then and
    38:52 then we can get real nerdy which um I love uh into how they came about
    38:57 with um this special ingredient that we'll share later you can definitely see it on the link
    39:04 um and on the website and you'll have all your we can answer your questions then because that one will just sort of
    39:09 be focused just on this one thing since you guys are super interested in our skin
    39:15 um some people are claiming it regrows hair we'll have to do a clinical trial but it's very powerful from what I can
    39:21 see when I used it it almost immediately it changed what my skin looked like so yeah I mean try it out see what you
    39:27 think I I think it uh it'll be pleased with what you find we've switched over to using it and it's uh it's really
    39:34 quite amazing science that's in there but again we didn't want to talk about it today we're just kind of teasing you
    39:40 but you can get ahead of all the other people next week they'll hear about it well I mean if people are asking about
    39:45 Botox and fillers we need to give them one or two little little secret tells
    39:51 you know since you know that we're a little bit of retinol I don't do it the way you do and and this is definitely
    39:56 one of the things that we're using that we found very helpful uh so I would say
    40:01 yes and of course there's other things as well like hydrations and people ask about light therapy it's never just one
    40:08 thing and I think David and I have been talking about that throughout our series you know it's it's a combination of a
    40:14 lot of things that you do to really optimize your health optimize your longevity however the skin product is
    40:20 one thing that you can do that will really help support that so uh so yeah how you get on the wait list go to the
    40:27 site um how do you get on the side in case somebody doesn't know there's a link yeah so if you go to optimize longevity
    40:35 which is our uh sort of like joint landing page for things we have something called trusted resources and
    40:41 it'll be on the top it it's been added um just before we came live we came online because it's been sort of a
    40:47 secret uh still and then we will release well reveal not release we'll reveal it
    40:53 even more uh next week and so what's the URL is there one
    40:59 uh for the site yeah yeah they're gonna have to go They're gonna go to optimize
    41:05 longevity and then they will go to the site to the tested resources they'll click on that and they'll get the URL
    41:12 um and they'll go directly to the site so that's the best way and if you guys want um again you know sort of like
    41:18 first look uh be on our list to announce things then go ahead and sign up for optimized longevity and you'll also uh
    41:26 get all the reveals a little bit early so it's really great that you guys are on here right now because you're getting
    41:32 it before everyone else is that you telling them to go to the website or to the YouTube
    41:37 I'm sorry what it's the website right so in David's Lincoln bio and in my
    41:44 Lincoln bio you can click on um on a link that says optimize longevity series that takes you to the
    41:51 landing page and it has a drop down for everything so past episodes and again
    41:57 most importantly are trusted resources so if you go there you'll see everyone that we stand behind and stand with and
    42:04 this company is on there so go ahead and look someone says you can't find it's
    42:09 right there might we've double checked triple checked and it and it'll be and it is and it is there we'll make sure
    42:15 it's up there follow our Instagram yes so everything is there and and I see
    42:23 some people are a little bit confused go look I know it's sort of like wait we want it right now so go look at the
    42:29 two-step process and that way you'll sign up for our stuff and they'll also be able to sign up for and pre-order if
    42:36 you want you'll get more information um thank you for clarifying because I'm thinking word you said so there it is
    42:42 optimized longevity uh is not working I believe that it is so okay let me go
    42:50 let me go right now to the site uh and see to like are you seeing my comments
    42:55 and live let's see uh I'm not oh hold on one
    43:01 second there's a bunch of comments here okay brand okay so I'm in the comments
    43:06 really quick so you guys took a minute to go look at the site and I'm going to take a look at we have a ton of questions and we're coming up to just a
    43:13 few minutes short of the hour people are asking brands of omegas we don't do Brands right now college and uh Brands
    43:21 we're not doing Brands Botox neither is you Botox nasal breathing nitric oxide
    43:26 and Longevity that's a good one you want to talk about that or you want to save that for another day
    43:31 yeah you you can go oh no I want to know if you want to talk
    43:37 about that right nasal breathing I'm a big fan of nasal breathing yes it does help with nitric oxide uh David can tell
    43:43 you about the Krebs cycle nitric oxide if he wants to right now um supplements again for thyroid
    43:48 research so you guys were definitely not going to talk about Brands uh for supplements and so
    43:56 um and so we're ready to so that's definitely in the works uh you can
    44:04 always send us a list of what you want us to create but see do you sell the creams you use
    44:11 David well we're talking about one of this one of the serums right now and uh
    44:20 uh okay go you can chat because I'm reading questions that's okay well so so
    44:25 the skin cream that we've co-developed Serena and I is is taking pre-orders it's about to come
    44:31 out it's based on Space technology it's got a key ingredient that came from NASA and we'll put up links so you can find
    44:39 us I'll tweet it out uh we'll have it on our Instagram links here as well now
    44:44 you'll find it later for sure um it may even be sold out by now I I
    44:49 hope not there aren't that many at this point yeah so so go check and we will we'll
    44:56 put out all this so but we want you guys to go and take a look at the site why don't you guys go to optimize longevity look at all these things because it
    45:02 benefits you um and if you sign up then you also get uh you'll get the you'll get the emails
    45:07 and you'll get a first look appogenic yes you can take abigen and you can also
    45:13 drink celery juice that's where it comes from uh what else epigenet inhibit City 38 we just go and that raises energy
    45:20 levels you can use that in conjunction with nmn yes it's excellent we both use it rectal ozone yes rectal ozone is
    45:27 great ozone therapy is great bioenergetic testing yes I do that I've done it on David uh
    45:34 you've done rectal ozone ozone on me yeah done by your energetic testing like oh my goodness because I don't remember
    45:40 that one um no comment on that so finish the ride I am I am taking

    About Finasteride

    45:47 finasteride my doctor suggested it and uh Serena you've warned me that it might
    45:53 affect sexual performance is that right I mean with all men medications there
    46:00 are obviously side effects I've already said this and so you know again with all medication there's a
    46:06 benefit that you receive that's what it's designed for and then there's side effects um that can also happen as well so for all things you can always offset
    46:13 it yeah and if you don't know that's to maintain this
    46:18 uh he's taking something so he doesn't lose hair so that's for anyone who doesn't know what he's talking about so
    46:25 it's uh it's to um preempt any type of hair loss which I I
    46:31 don't know that you need that but you can take it yeah okay yeah and so and
    46:37 and again all medications most of all medications have some sort of a side effect and some people are unaffected by
    46:43 it and some people um are so you can always curve that and encounter that uh somebody I said yes I

    Alpha-lipoic acid

    46:52 take alphabetic acid I do too it's good for nerves uh it's good for mitochondria energies and I've been taking that for
    46:58 20 years it's really great yeah it's great I've been taking it for a really long time and there's been some res uh
    47:04 Recent research on people who've had uh covet and how it can help with some of
    47:09 the long-haul neurocognitive side effects included actually we have a whole thing on that that's something that I've been doing a lot of work on
    47:16 for the last two years and so we can spend a whole episode on that as long as we don't get blocked or banned from
    47:22 Instagram for talking about how we can support ourselves after covid Kelly

    Tally Health

    47:27 health is the DNA biological age testing company it'll be a cheek swab uh there's a great team working on that they just
    47:34 published a paper I tweeted about that this morning they are full seam ahead getting those kits ready you can sign up
    47:40 now at telehealth.com and they will help you with learning your age and how to
    47:46 slow or reverse it so uh and then there's some questions about sugar
    47:53 um because we've obviously spent some time talking about the foreman uh there's a project that I've been working
    47:58 on and there's some future projects Dave and I have discussed and how to help you know manage your glucose levels
    48:06 um in a really natural way and so stay tuned for that I will discuss that
    48:11 um a lot of it starts with your gut um and that's a good way that we can we can help ourselves manage our glucose
    48:19 levels and our cravings and especially for women and I posted something about this way back when the symptoms are
    48:25 hormones you know um having having balanced healthy hormone levels can also
    48:30 help with uh sugar cravings and we've discussed it before we can do a full
    48:35 episode with that yeah I use a lot of water tea matcha coffee is increasingly
    48:41 seen to be healthy fill up your stomach with water that's the way to go I find for my cravings
    48:47 um yeah so the the molecules in some of these teas especially multitude very very healthy anti-cancer so that's why
    48:54 we do that as well so okay so we're we went way over 30
    49:00 um we're now almost at an hour so I'd like to sort of wrap it up uh and uh if
    49:05 there's anything I know there's tons of questions still have any questions so many things that we didn't get back to
    49:11 if you guys want and how about right now let us know uh we can do more amas so we
    49:18 can do topic specific lives based off of questions that you guys have asked and
    49:25 um we can also do more AMA I didn't even run this by David so this is like a little time throwing it out to you guys what do you guys think
    49:31 brain of much so that we like yes right that can't be revealed right now sorry
    49:37 at another time for matcha well how do you stop hair loss uh I've got tips we'll talk about that there are various
    49:43 ways that we use include including red light which I believe as well as good science yes these are recorded
    49:50 um my Teamworks on it we will clean up the audio video cut out the long pauses
    49:55 and um we released it as we always do under optimized longevity so go there
    50:02 and then stay tuned our Instagram and we will let you know when they actually we've been kind of bad about letting you guys know when they're ready but it does
    50:08 go out to our list so when you sign up it goes out to the it goes as an email
    50:14 um when the recordings are ready to go um more EMA's okay good how do people
    50:19 sign up for the email is that also optimized longevity that's our email that's our that's our
    50:26 landing page it's on your uh profile link and it's on it's on mine and so you
    50:31 guys go there and you sign up and you'll get an email uh that lets you know that this recording and our all of our most
    50:37 recent recordings are ready usually we have notes as well since this is an AMA I'm not going to put my team on trying to catch all this rapid fire uh but
    50:44 typically for our topics we have notes summary notes as well so I really encourage people go there and we also
    50:50 add into our trusted resources um our trusted resources whenever there's a new one so it would say
    50:57 definitely sign up go to David's Lincoln bio take a moment and you'll see the
    51:03 link uh you'll see optimized longevity same with mine if you just go take a moment look you'll see the link and
    51:09 you'll scroll down you'll see trusted resources and you'll see the serum that we've been talking about for you know
    51:14 five or ten minutes so you'll see all of that you'll get a notice so to stay
    51:20 tuned for next week when we'll have Kyle who who is the co-founder with David for
    51:25 this serum and they'll talk about the magic that's a Serena last word I'm going to use it the magic of how it all
    51:32 came together and um how it's going to help you so we'll do that next week
    51:37 so yeah great see you Serena thanks for joining us everybody we're going to do these much more often weekly now and
    51:44 pack them with information yeah all right okay you guys thank you so much thank you for being here and then uh
    51:50 sending your questions and we'll try and get to them all right talk to you guys soon bye everyone bye
    51:56 foreign