2023-05-13 - Interview Dr. David Sinclair - Optimize Longevity - Gut Health for Longevity

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    Discover how to optimize your longevity and improve your well-being with Dr. David Sinclair and Serena Poon in this second episode of the Optimize Longevity series. In this conversation, we explore the emerging field of gut health research and its critical role in optimizing your vitality.

    Learn how prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics support immunity, mental health, cognitive function, and more as you age. Dive into the science behind regular eating windows and intermittent fasting, their effects on gut health, and how it all impacts longevity. Don’t miss this must-watch episode!



    0:00 sometimes we have maybe ailments or specific things that pop up and we have
    0:05 no idea what the reason is for that and quite often the root of that is is in
    0:12 our gut and we just don't have an awareness of that
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    0:31 thank you
    0:37 hi Hi how are you hey you again how are you so
    0:43 great so happy to have you on here so I'm so happy that we are starting this up again so it's exciting it's about
    0:50 time yeah I know going to have me on here so so everyone's excited they're excited
    0:58 to learn a little bit more about that health
    1:04 and optimize um longevity through gut health and so everyone is aware now we're trying to
    1:11 keep this in 30 minutes to kind of keep our series moving and if they're unanswered questions you guys can always
    1:17 submit them or David already reminded everybody that they can also go to our
    1:22 links in BIO and they can sign up on our optimized longevity uh lifestyle series
    1:28 that link and sign up for the email and then they'll they can submit questions and get all our notes just why gut
    1:35 health is important for longer lifespan you know we know it's important for our
    1:40 adrenals for our brand so why is it important well what we didn't know it was important until about 20 years ago

    Why gut health is important for our brain health

    1:46 when we started to look we started to start to look at animals who had
    1:51 different compositions of microbiota in their gut uh and there was a real
    1:57 breakthrough um a colleague of Mine Jeff Gordon University of
    2:02 um oh actually Washington University in in St Louis he showed that if you take the
    2:09 microbiota from an obese Mouse and put it in a thin Mouse
    2:14 it will get fat uh and that showed that our body
    2:20 composition can be determined by our gut microbes we now take this for granted but having
    2:27 not just propensity for obesity but also chronic inflammation in our bodies it's not just our gut that
    2:34 gets inflamed but the signals throughout the body we have can have a chronic state of inflammation we know that
    2:40 inflammation accelerates aging so you want to keep your microbiome to a level that doesn't cause a lot of
    2:46 inflammation throughout your life you also want to make sure that you don't have microbes that can get into your
    2:53 system because we're finding microbes in the brain uh in the heart even and in cancer and
    3:01 we think that microbes are actually not just indirectly through inflammation causing disease but directly getting
    3:07 into the body can I interrupt you real quick just so that people who may not understand what a microbe is could you

    What is a microbial? What is in our microbiome?

    3:13 just Define that uh quickly for the audience um anyone who doesn't have a science pack well so when we talk about
    3:19 microbiome most of our gut are bacteria and there's hundreds of species but
    3:25 that'll it also includes a microbes as a fungus we have fungi in our gut
    3:31 um we have certain parasites as well and we have viruses and together
    3:36 um and there are even these very ancient bacteria called proteobacteria so it's a conglomerate of pretty much all
    3:42 microbial life forms uh of some sort or another in our guts and they work together as a community that's what a
    3:48 micro they're typically smaller than you can see with your eye in the case of a yeast cell if you put about 10 of them
    3:54 in a pile you can see a little dot that's a small layer your microbes make vitamins and molecules that are good for
    4:01 your health uh and then mimic uh things like exercise and dieting through
    4:08 creating compounds that leak into your or pass into your body uh things like ketones which can mimic
    4:15 fasting and give you the the healthy products that you need um and in fact without a microbiome uh
    4:22 we're very sick because we don't get those nutrients that we need right and then and also let's just I and also the
    4:28 brain right so it can uh the health of yoga also affects
    4:33 um the healthy state of our our cognitive awareness our mood um our ability to function that that
    4:40 access is direct and we've talked about that briefly in the past but not as uh
    4:45 we haven't dived in deep but how a brain health also clearly yeah you're absolutely right and it's something we

    Gut and brain connection

    4:52 don't often think about is the gut brain axis but it's super important because if you've got a lot of inflammation going
    4:58 on your brain will suffer and go back to you can even get into your brain what we know from looking at elderly people who
    5:04 go to nursing homes that's typically associated with a reduction in the diversity the number of different types
    5:11 of microbes and it's correlated with a loss of mental acuity increased dementia
    5:18 and even Alzheimer's disease and so it's it's really actually now proven that you need to have this diversity and it's one
    5:24 reason why nursing homes can actually lead to Rapid illness when uh your
    5:29 parents grandparents move in yeah and it's uh it's just a good reminder
    5:35 um that when and we're gonna talk a little bit about the different bacterias you know we're going to talk a little bit about the difference between what a
    5:43 Prebiotic is a probiotic and a post-biotic um and why these are so important and
    5:48 why you should you need to basically start um when you're young I mean we can start we were talking about from infancy to
    5:55 elderly uh could you talk a little bit about that because I think that's sort of a hard concept for people uh why it's
    6:02 important to actually focus on the gut if you have children you know as soon as they come as soon as they come in yeah

    What bacterias we need in our microbiome

    6:09 so there are a couple of really important bacteria that we need in our gut but there are many but two of the ones that we know of the lactobacilla
    6:15 and the profito bacteria the bifidobacteria you get very early as you're being born if you're a cesarean
    6:22 uh these days doctors can transfer the microbes manually these bifidobacteria
    6:27 digest mother's milk and help with the health of the baby so it's super important to build a an early and
    6:33 healthy microbiome in infancy but also once the child is is getting older into
    6:40 um you know infancy and then into school age years and even teenagers
    6:46 um it's really important that that parents and kids uh watch what they eat because what you set up is your
    6:53 microbiome can have repercussions decades later we know that the epigenome gets modified and actually uh though
    7:00 that affects your health into the future and so yeah if you're exposed to toxins drinking water that has toxins in it or
    7:08 you have a lot of antibi antibiotics as a kid or even in the
    7:13 it can decimate it can kill off a lot of your bacteria and it takes a long while
    7:18 to reestablish and in fact if you don't take prior probiotics uh it can even lead to a permanent loss of certain
    7:25 species which is bad for health as well yeah and so and I I speak a lot about
    7:30 that just that topic alone here um and you know I'm so passionate about that just being so aware of what you put
    7:38 into your body especially when it comes to certain medicines um not that we don't need them there's a place for them
    7:44 at times but antibiotics can really as David said decimate uh your microbiome
    7:50 and you can lose some of those bacteria forever unless you're really specific and very mindful about putting them back
    7:56 in and so that's why there there are so many products out there uh but we really focus on the best and the most effective
    8:03 ones to help build that uh build that gut floor to put that bacteria back into
    8:09 our bodies and of course even when you move you know if you move from one country to another from one state to
    8:15 another from one neighborhood to another that can also affect your microbial your microbiome so it's just good to have
    8:22 that awareness so that you modify your diet or the type of foods or probiotics
    8:28 and prebiotics that you eat in order to create that healthy balance um so so David you know obviously people

    What is prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic? What do they do and what is the difference?

    8:35 get really confused used about you know what a Prebiotic is what a probiotic is
    8:42 um what a post-biotic is sure could you explain that well so all of these terms are fairly recent actually the the first
    8:49 was which are basically eating live bacteria and replenishing what you might have
    8:55 lost make sure that you maintain a youthful uh micro environment and
    9:01 Constitution and we know that as we get older we lose a lot of these microbes and by taking probiotics you're
    9:07 physically putting back into your body what you might have lost or replacing what's lost from antibiotics or other
    9:13 stresses in life so we've got probiotics then prebiotics is a term that really
    9:19 just think of it as feeding your microbes typically these are um digestible well bacterial digestible
    9:28 oligosaccharides these are often plant fibers that we recently don't have in
    9:33 our diet with processed foods if we we don't eat a healthy diet and and so
    9:38 inulin is a good one you extract this plants but by having a vegetarian or a
    9:44 vegan diet you're getting a lot of these fibers naturally supplement with a freebiotic to make
    9:50 sure you gut Flora is very healthy and we know the correlations and the effects
    9:55 of not eating a lot of fiber you for one it's a greater increase in colon cancer and so what you want to do is keep that
    10:02 fiber up and you can take that either as a drink often inulin you can spoon it
    10:07 into a drink or as a capsule and then the third one is the post-biotic this is an even newer
    10:14 term and this refers to molecules that the gut would normally
    10:20 convert and make a healthy molecule but we can eat them instead such as a
    10:25 molecule from Pomegranate some of us don't have the gut bacteria to convert uh the healthy the the pre
    10:34 form of the molecule into the actual healthy one and so you can take it instead of having your gut Flora make it
    10:40 and so that's do you want to add something to that
    10:46 yeah I'm just a reminder to everyone as David was saying you know many of these
    10:51 things are derived from plant sources so you know the prebiotics are sort of the
    10:57 food for the probiotics to keep our our gut healthy and and vibrant and keep the
    11:02 population of the good bacteria high in our system and it is in the form of inulin but you can get that from
    11:08 artichokes you know you can get it from chicory root you could get that from um you know Apple pectin you can get
    11:14 that from apples and so you know there's actually a lot of information that we already have about this on our site my
    11:21 site on our blog um and so I encourage you to go again to Lincoln bio you'll get some information
    11:27 there for my optimized longevity series and you'll also get information from the blog on my website just what foods have
    11:35 these prebiotics if you are someone that maybe has capsule fatigue you know you don't want to take a supplement
    11:42 um you can get it naturally from food sources and if it's easier for you you can go ahead and do it as David said in
    11:47 a powdered form or in capsule forms um and then I just wanted to add to what
    11:52 you're saying about postbiotic for those of you that tune into my lab yesterday we were talking to
    11:59 um might appear about your lithon a and that's an example of a postmatic something that
    12:05 um not all of us have the ability to process and so that would be an example of a post-biotic amongst other things
    12:13 and that just help our bodies create you know they're the molecules that help with our our microbiome it helps us
    12:20 absorb nutrients in a way that we might not be able to so uh so for those of you
    12:26 who are on you already know um for those of you that weren't on yesterday you can go and check that out the other thing is um with kids if they

    Kids who don't have great microbiome have this

    12:34 don't have a great microbiome they can have a lot of inflammation they have allergies and so there's an important
    12:40 link between that so the kind of things that are important to look out for so

    How would you know if you have a poor microbiome?

    12:45 how would you know basically if you have a poor microbiome well you can have gas
    12:51 bloating you might have brain fog you've got allergies I mentioned your skin might become inflamed from the toxins
    12:58 coming out from the bacteria in your gut um diarrhea is an obvious one
    13:05 what other signs do you look for for people you you know that have a poor microbiome
    13:11 well you know there's there's so much anytime something doesn't feel good your body's telling you something is wrong so
    13:18 you know different people experience in different ways it can even be just it might not even be as as acute as having
    13:25 diarrhea or gas you might feel a little bit bloated you might even you might even feel uh there might even be
    13:31 something that seems like an allergic response you know that tells you that tells you that your body is intolerant
    13:37 to that your gut has a problem um you know uh processing and digesting it you may be someone that is really
    13:44 healthy and you take all the vitamins all the supplements you get all the right foods but yet it's not showing up
    13:52 on the outside it's not showing up in your skin it's not showing up in the ways that these nutrients are meant to
    13:57 support your body which it likely means you're not getting those nutrients because there's something that's amiss
    14:03 or imbalance in your microbiome uh so that is that's another indicator uh and
    14:10 you know we were talking about someone said something about fermented foods I I guess we didn't even say the word
    14:15 fermented but yes fermented foods are another way that you can support yourself so uh so you can support your

    Fermented foods for your gut microbiome support

    14:23 microbiome uh and uh someone had asked and I thought it was such a great question David uh just about say fasting
    14:30 you know fasting and how that contributes to the health of our gut

    How fasting affects our microbiome

    14:36 um and maybe we can talk about it yeah so people who who fast have a different type of microbiome that is generally
    14:42 healthier they have bacteria that like to process foods what's called
    14:48 sacrolytic metabolism which means they're not digesting protein they're like the sugars but when they they turn
    14:53 that energy into ketones so butyrate acetate succinate these are metabolites
    14:59 that have to be used by mitochondria to generate energy in our body and they're super healthy and that they help with
    15:06 the fasting process and it's um think of it like if you if you drink vinegar it's similar to that your body
    15:13 becomes in that state and that's a very healthy State because as I I tuned in for a little bit of your live yesterday
    15:19 your mitochondria are super important for overall health in your brain your muscles they generate energy they make
    15:26 components the growth and by fasting you'll actually rev up mitochondria and
    15:31 then your microbes will make the components that your micro uh that your mitochondria need for good health so
    15:38 it's all a virtuous cycle of not always being full not always giving your
    15:44 microbes what they need and in fact this is how we evolve this is what you actually want and it's what our microbes
    15:51 in our gut naturally want they want to be able to compete for food and not just feed them all the time and that really
    15:59 can allow for the bad types of bacteria to proliferate and one thing about what makes a bad microbe well I've told you

    What is a bad microbe

    16:07 what's a good microbe right it makes these butyrates and acetates and it makes vitamins and it's
    16:13 anti-inflammatory a bad one some eco light types for example they
    16:18 produce what's called LPS lipopolysaccharide and that little component gets into your system into
    16:25 your bloodstream and causes low-grade inflammation in fact if you have a lot of it you can get a fever it's that bad
    16:31 and that's what you want to avoid is to get that the LPS levels down and maintain a low inflamed state in your
    16:38 body yeah and and um I and thank you for that and uh and I saw a lot of questions
    16:44 about how you test for that there's so many uh microbiome there's so many gut

    How you test your microbiome

    16:50 biome type of tests now um they're really accessible as just to
    16:55 the consumer you don't need to order them through your doctor anymore uh I can we can't endorse any specific Brands
    17:03 but I would say go just go online and look at some of the some of the biggest
    17:08 supplement producers have now they now have gut biome type of tests and you
    17:14 just take them at home you know you get a kit you order it you get it at home and you'll have to send in a sample
    17:20 obviously um of what comes out of your body and then you send your back in and their
    17:26 lives break it down and they tell you what type of bacteria you have in your gut what you need more of what you're
    17:32 missing what you have been over abundance of and that gives you some insight so uh it's sort of like how we
    17:38 talk about biomarkers and we talk about blood tests and we talk about tests that you can take to sort of measure your
    17:44 biological versus chronological age your your mic your gut biome that gut health
    17:50 is super specific so you need specific tests for that and uh and I encourage
    17:56 you and I know David would too to go and take these tests so you know what the health of your gut is and what bacteria
    18:03 I didn't pay enough attention to my micro bio uh when we first met which is

    David speaks about his gut microbiome journey

    18:09 a year ago and I was just focusing on taking supplements but it's so much more
    18:14 important um well in addition to have the correct microbes um I felt more energy my skin
    18:22 looks better I don't feel tired uh in the morning particularly now that you've
    18:28 helped me correct my microbiome but you've been saying to take both a probiotic and antibiotic
    18:34 um and more recently a post-biotic uh would you say that anyone who takes a probiotic uh should also
    18:42 take a Prebiotic uh yes you you just it's a balance right it's sort of like if you look on your plate you want a
    18:50 healthy mix of some protein whether it's plant-based or animal base you want some vegetables you know and sort of a
    18:57 rainbow of that and then you want some like good clean fats and maybe some some carbs a little bit it's the same thing
    19:03 here you know you want your probiotics but you want to make sure you're feeding your probiotics with prebiotics and you
    19:09 want to make sure you know what postbiotics you need uh if whether or
    19:14 not your body can do it on its own or you need them supplementally so so absolutely we need all of it it's a
    19:20 whole system as you said uh there's actually three specific bacteria that's really associated with longevity and you
    19:27 had mentioned it um I know we're coming up close to time but people have kind of popped on and off uh would you mind talking about that
    19:34 again like you know there's there's bloody there's electric facilities there's a few that are the the minimum
    19:42 three right that you need in order to um kind of Build That Base let's make a

    Bacterias you want to have in your microbiome

    19:49 list the ones that I look for in products the the lactobacilli pretty common that's what even uh you know try
    19:56 to get in a yogurt or a drink uh the bifidobacteria great pseudo
    20:03 telestitis uh that one is a mouthful but you do want to take a mouthful once in a
    20:08 while uh there's one that I'm really excited about it's a new one uh it's called
    20:14 blatia which is it's been shown at least in mice too uh help with uh preventing
    20:20 diabetes and obesity seems to help in a Japanese study so this is really exciting kind of stuff it means that
    20:26 there are bacteria out there that we could potentially take to keep our bodies thin as well if we if we have an
    20:33 overweight issue an overeating issue which so many of us uh do have if we
    20:38 just let ourselves go and by having the right uh probiotics and prebiotics you can
    20:46 have your bacteria work with you to have the healthiest possible metabolism which
    20:51 is what uh you know I think we're both striving for and I think anyone listening uh would also want to do that
    20:58 um I I have a question for you is can you actually get benefits from yogurt or do you need to take a supplement as well

    Can you get benefits from yogurt or you need to take supplements as well

    21:07 uh it absolutely depends on the yogurt the brand of yogurt uh it depends on how
    21:13 much living bacteria is in it it depends on what specific bacteria so I would say
    21:19 most yogurts are missing like uh espularity they're missing some key
    21:26 bacteria and and of course that's a great question and sort of a blanket statement
    21:32 um again I kind of referenced to what I was seeing earlier is you need to know what your body lacks and what your body
    21:38 is missing so you may be getting that from the your your that you're currently eating or you might need a different
    21:45 brand that has um a different you know higher amount of bacteria specific strains that aren't in
    21:52 the one that you currently have so there's a lot of people saying can you spell that can you spell the bacteria
    21:58 actually you guys we're gonna jump off in about five minutes or so maybe even less I encourage you to go to the link
    22:05 in David's bio the link in my bio sign up for our optimized longevity series and you get them typed out for you
    22:12 because you'll get the notes sent to your email along with other sort of newsletter type of information that we
    22:18 get so that we put out there so and stuff like I think I've showed earlier before David jumped on our team creates
    22:25 really simple easy to access uh infographics things that are downloadable for you things that you can
    22:32 print out and put on your fridge if you're like I gotta make sure I'm getting these bacteria every day uh we
    22:39 also do that for you guys so I encourage you to go and sign up there so you don't have to worry about spelling it
    22:44 correctly and um and uh there's one more thing that I want to ah yes so we're
    22:50 talking about longevity but obviously your gut health contributes towards your immune Health your skin Health your
    22:57 brain health we talked about this at the very beginning uh but also um sometimes we have maybe ailments or

    Poor gut microbiome can result in these health problems

    23:05 specific things that pop up we have no idea what the reason is for that and quite often the root of that is is in
    23:14 our gut and we just don't have an awareness of that it could be you know we talk about skin having nice skin but
    23:20 you could have a rash you know you could have it and acne is very very common uh
    23:27 eczema all these things sort of actually start in your gut it doesn't start in
    23:32 your in your skin and your dermis and so um so that's just something to keep in mind as well
    23:39 uh did you want to do you want to add anything because I I think we we just have a few minutes left I know a few
    23:45 more people I think it's worth it do you have any any questions that were from our uh
    23:50 early text uh yeah yeah hold on one second let me see
    23:56 um okay so this is a great question so people are concerned about if they do
    24:03 have uh if they if they don't have the healthiest gut right now if they have IBS if they have Colitis if they have
    24:12 Celiac if they have these um and I don't like using the word disease because you know uh but let's
    24:19 just call it that if they have these diagnosis does that cut into their lifespan
    24:26 um and there are people really concerned about that so I I think it's best for you well so IBS inflamed gut leaky gut

    Gut disease and lifespan

    24:34 um I haven't seen a study that says that you live shorter but it does mean that you'll live less well which is just as
    24:43 bad if not worse right so we do try to prevent it the good news is that if you
    24:48 have a leaky guard or IBS changing your diet doing the things you talked about today have been shown psychically have
    24:55 major benefits um on those diseases and so talk to your
    25:01 doctor but also change your lifestyle you'll reap no question about it so it's
    25:07 important it's not just for kids and healthy middle-aged adults uh it's about
    25:13 people who are already starting to see the effects of a bad diet or just old
    25:18 age you can change it there's a study I like to to think about in this topic which is
    25:23 that a lab took the gut microbiome from a young fish and put it into an into an
    25:29 old fish a bunch of fishes uh a bunch of fish and the old fish lived longer and so it's
    25:36 never too late to change a microbiome to be healthier and than to extend your longevity yes and I I really want to
    25:43 Echo that it really doesn't matter how how old you are at any point you can you
    25:49 can change your diet you can change your lifestyle and and effectively change the health of your gut which permeates
    25:56 throughout the rest of your body you know um there was something I was going to say
    26:02 it when you were talking now I forgot but uh it does have oh yes when you were talking about leaky gut so we got can

    Leaky gut and what issues it can cause in your body

    26:08 actually uh you it it lend it takes you to um autoimmune diseases which can also
    26:15 take you to uh you know thyroid issues Hashimoto's there's there's so many
    26:21 things that sort of um are rooted in the foundation of a healthy gut
    26:26 um and and leukica can take you in into all those different directions but that being said it means if you feel your gut
    26:33 you can kill your thyroid you can heal you know your rheumatoid arthritis you can heal all these different things just
    26:40 focusing on what you put into your body and so the reminder here is that you are
    26:48 completely empowered with how you with how your body responds with that state
    26:53 of being because it's all about what you put in your mouth you know what you drink what you eat what supplements you
    26:59 take so you even the exposure to your environment can still be mitigated by
    27:05 what you put into your system and that's one of the things about your gut health
    27:11 that we need to remember it's so controllable it is so when I started on

    If you are going vegan, what to pay attention to

    27:16 a plant-based diet I'm now vegan thanks to you um I had gas
    27:21 okay and so what your address is
    27:29 that people should know if they switch to vegetarian veganism what should they do yes yeah so that's actually a great
    27:36 question um quite often when people who have never taken any probiotics at all start
    27:41 to your gut will adjust yeah there is and it depends it depends how consistent
    27:47 you are and it depends on the state of uh health or or you know uh not quite
    27:54 Health that your gut is in so it can go anywhere from one week to two weeks
    28:00 where your body is adjusting and it may seem like ah I don't my body doesn't
    28:05 like this I'm gassy I've got you know I've got to go to the bathroom constantly this is really uncomfortable
    28:11 so whether or not that's taking probiotics and prebiotics whether or not that's eating more fiber eating more
    28:18 vegetables um any of those things can seemingly contribute to a higher state of
    28:24 discomfort your body is just adjusting um imagine if you don't drink water you don't drink very much water and you
    28:30 realize oh wow I I need to hydrate myself more when you start drinking more water it seems like you're peeing every
    28:37 hour or every 30 minutes which seems highly inconvenient especially if you
    28:42 are working or you're on zooms or an office but your body is just adjusting so once your body adjusts and acclimates
    28:50 you will you know in less than a week two weeks Max you'll be drinking the same amount of water but not needing to
    28:56 go to the bathroom every single hour so our bodies adjust you know our body suggests you what it what we give it
    29:04 um and so that's a great question it does take anywhere between five weeks to
    29:09 four and five weeks five days to 14 days for your body to adjust and acclimate to
    29:15 that but just remember um it's a short-term uh period of
    29:21 discomfort for long term uh long-term gain and here we're talking lifespan
    29:26 we're talking longevity and uh vibrancy along the way you also will smell better
    29:37 so uh no no go ahead I it's a very good point
    29:42 so Dave as we talked about this uh you know when I ate ate meat I was you know

    Positive side effect of a plant-based diet

    29:48 a regular male I needed deodorant and by the end of the day there were issues and my skin would
    29:55 feel like it was you know all sweaty uh you know now that I'm on this plant-based diet
    30:02 um I'm pretty sure I smell better overall my body blew it smelled better
    30:08 um so yeah I really noticed a big difference and Dave asprey says you don't even need deodorant when you're uh
    30:13 when you're eating healthy I wouldn't go that far but I do think it's it's a nice side effect that a lot of people are
    30:20 unaware of uh yeah and know and it's a great and
    30:25 it's a great point to add you know there are a lot of questions about uh how
    30:30 um you know more animal uh carnivore diet uh can contribute towards healing
    30:37 of the of the gut um we're kind of running out of time to address that here but that's a very good
    30:43 point you know there is a lot of benefit to say bone broth uh and um and other
    30:49 things that are not plant-based that have been uh helpful for the healing of
    30:55 the Leaky guide so it's it's when we never we're not like an all or nothing there isn't there's never only one way
    31:02 to address these things um we're just sort of but we're clearly focused on things that we do that we
    31:08 know work um and it's also very individualistic so again we encourage you to go get tested
    31:14 see what your what your good health is see how that looks like um so what bacteria you need and um and
    31:21 then and kind of start from there that like it's sort of hello so a lot of people agreeing about the
    31:28 right things so also I I appreciate all the kind of comments today about the two
    31:34 of us and the work that we do and try to share as much information as we can as in an easily digestible way
    31:42 um keep sending those questions we're reading them as you as you send them in and we'll add those to newsletters and
    31:48 sign up for our website where we're continuing to give even more detailed information yeah and there's a lot more
    31:54 to come so I'm really excited about that I'm excited that we we finally had a
    31:59 chance to launch you know unlike a podcast it's not like we have every
    32:04 single topic all laid out uh for our series we're really taking in information from you guys what seems to
    32:11 be important to you what you'd like for us to share more about uh so always drop them in the comments you can email back
    32:18 when you sign up for the newsletter so that's all it's all helpful for us and then what we can always put it into our
    32:25 Series so uh questions about uh questions about supplements we're not
    32:30 going to answer here but you you can go to our trusted resources when you sign up and that lets you know about products
    32:36 that we trust that we use um and also let's see candida Oh Candida is
    32:44 a whole thing you guys we might just do a whole an episode just on that that is something that affects a lot of people
    32:50 there's you know probably affects more than half the population and people have levels of Candy ptis we
    32:56 should cover too ready deal with uh oh yeah oh yeah I'm um I I can't wait to
    33:04 share information on that through women um quite often all of those uh
    33:10 dispositions uh come from your lack of that the proper bacteria in your gut
    33:16 believe it or not so okay you guys so we're coming up to uh 20 minutes so then
    33:22 to to uh the next hour we've been on for a little bit um I'm super enjoyed being on here with
    33:28 you guys love your engagement love your questions um and I'm excited to see you guys soon
    33:34 thank you so much great to be on again we'll do these more frequently right and now Summer's over and thanks all for
    33:41 joining us we'll do these and we'll take all your comments I've seen a few of them keep coming up we'll add those to
    33:47 our our newsletter um so yeah sign up we'll continue to do these and uh it's great to be back on
    33:54 with you it's great to see you I could just keep talking all day but I know we've got well
    34:01 were you gonna get back to work I'm gonna get back to work you guys we do this in between work
    34:06 um and so you know we'll see you guys really soon someone just reminded me this is your second series your second
    34:12 um chat actually but um so I guess it's our second we've got to do them closer together so send it in
    34:18 we love you guys and we'll see you guys soon thanks foreign