2022-09-01 - Interview Dr. David Sinclair - Optimize Longevity - The Science of Looking Younger Longer

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    Have you ever wondered why some people look like they’re the same age they were 20 years ago and why some look so much older? There are technologies, nutrition, and topicals that can slow down and reverse cosmetic aging for the LONG TERM. We may often pass off the desire to look more youthful to vanity, but looking younger on the outside not only can be a sign of good health, but it can also positively affect your actions, emotional and mental wellbeing as well.



    0:00 and so together I think I have uh improved my skin over the years if you look at my photos from even five years
    0:06 ago and even 10 years ago my skin was not as good and so that's really shows
    0:12 that the power of science can actually work and all of these things I'm talking about today are backed by scientific
    0:18 studies [Music]
    0:40 I'm super excited about this one I think this is the most exciting one I've I've been on with you
    0:46 um I'm excited about hearing all your secrets because your skin is unbelievably good
    0:52 I wouldn't even reveal how old you are but I'm I'm amazed at how you look
    0:59 oh thank you that's super kind um well we're here to visit to reveal its Secrets today at least some Secrets
    1:05 um but let's let's let's definitely go into because everyone wants to know yours everyone thinks that you look

    Visual age vs Epigenetic age. What is Horvath's clock?

    1:11 dirty even though you're 52 and I can say you're age because that's a public well I'm gonna share some Secrets today
    1:18 I think ah if you ask the right questions ah okay well then let's get to it maybe we should start let's start
    1:25 with what visual ages or since you're at epigenetic age and this is something that you talked about in your last
    1:32 podcast and you know in kindness to our audience who goes to download and listen to your podcast and come up with the
    1:39 questions I definitely want to address some of the things you guys brought up uh in your podcast with Matt so people
    1:45 don't really know what that means what is what is visual age versus epigenetic age
    1:50 um why why do we start to look old well we we have two clocks in our bodies we have birthday candles which is the
    1:56 number of times the Earth has gone around the Sun that's really not really age not how old you are it's not no
    2:03 you're real your actual biological age you can change you can slow it down you
    2:08 can stop it uh we're even learning ways to reverse it it's early days we published a paper a year ago in nature
    2:15 that we can reverse the age of of tissues uh in animals but we think we can do it in people too
    2:21 um so your biological age is the most important and there are a number of ways of measuring one key measure is called the epigenetic
    2:29 clock so also known as the Horvath clock named after our our body uh Stephen now
    2:36 we can measure this by taking the blood sample by taking a skin sample usually it's inside the cheek or spit uh and we
    2:42 can measure that on a DNA sequencing machine and we measure the chemicals on the on the DNA and that tells us with
    2:49 some accuracy how old we are biologically meaning how how well have we looked after our bodies which after
    2:55 all is is 80 of our aging rate only 20 is genetic and so yeah what we're going
    3:00 to talk about that for a second okay can we just punctuate that 80 of that comes
    3:06 from what we do what we put in our bodies what we do to our bodies and not only 20 if the genetic part of it
    3:12 because yeah that's a big Focus that means you guys have a lot of control um and you're empowered to to have
    3:19 control over how you age and how you look yeah oh it's great news and that's why what we're saying today is so
    3:25 important um and there are two ways to slow down your the Aging of of your hair

    Topics David & Serena discuss in the Longevity Lifestyle series part 6

    3:31 and skin and Nails one is from the inside out in other words the outside in we'll talk about both of those ways
    3:36 today um yeah so basically that clock um you can measure it in the skin and
    3:43 what we're we're discovering is that there are a number of ways to get rid of the old cells their clock has advanced
    3:49 rapidly we'll talk about what are called synolytics killing off the same cells um and and what I've been doing are ways
    3:57 to slow down the ticking of that clock um and Associated you do some of that
    4:02 too and that's probably the reason why your skin and hair look many years younger and it's not that hard it really
    4:09 isn't it's a few things that you do in your diet and what you apply to your skin I do that at night mainly and it
    4:14 seems to be paying off and I know it's getting through too and you know you can get to 52 and you know in my case not
    4:21 yet have any major hair loss or any gray hair yet yeah I I it's like
    4:28 it's really amazing that you don't I think you're really such a beginner quote for so many I do so many I think I
    4:34 have four great hands uh I I I've developed a few recently but uh
    4:41 um well it's about to happen at some point I'm sure uh okay so we're gonna talk about some of those as uh as David
    4:48 was saying but we're also going to give you some uh some tools and and things
    4:53 that you can do that are modalities that you can start applying to your daily habits that can also help and giving you

    What skin does for your overall health and how to preserve your skin's longevity

    4:58 a little bit of the science behind why those things work so so okay so where should we start let's talk about let's
    5:04 talk about skin being our largest organ so let's talk about skin and then maybe morph into hair and nails
    5:11 um and some of the things that we know Works some of the things that we know that work that maybe aren't as
    5:18 I'm just going to call Natural or holistic or lack of better terms and then some things that we know

    Why hydration is important for your skin

    5:23 can work there might not be as much clinical data behind why they work but there's at least some science explain
    5:29 why they do so shall we just dive into that and talk a little bit about skin and the importance of skin yeah I think
    5:36 when people think about aging and how they look it's the skin is most important um there's a number of things we can do
    5:43 let's see let's let's start with uh topical applications okay and then can
    5:49 we start with like hydration can we start with that and then go to topical because let's remind people how easy it
    5:55 is staying Hydra hydrogen why that's important uh well geez having hydration is
    6:02 important for many reasons one is your skin needs water uh to be plump it also
    6:07 it helps remove toxins right so you're uh if you don't drink enough during the
    6:13 day your your urine uh will will be depleted uh will be lessen your
    6:18 bloodstream instead will accumulate toxins and you don't want to do that so uh one of Tom Brady's Secrets uh and I
    6:24 know he looks young I think we all agree is hydration he's barely anywhere without a water bottle
    6:31 um so what and that's one of my biggest pooches as you know you know hydration

    Creams and topical treatments that work for anti-aging skin benefits

    6:36 uh that's easy I always tell people you know one ounce per pound that you weigh you know that sounds challenging for a
    6:43 lot of people but that's probably one of my biggest secret not Secrets it's just staying super hydrated
    6:50 um and not just and throughout the course of the day right like not just slamming a leader you know at the end of
    6:57 the day or at the beginning of the day but just throughout the course of the day and um I think in the morning especially important because we don't
    7:03 know how much water we actually breathe out we lose about a liter of water when we sleep at night if we're sleeping
    7:09 anywhere between seven and eight hours which people don't realize so so one of
    7:14 the many reasons that hydration is so important all right so so what I do is I use
    7:20 um a couple of or about three different types of creams at night um I have a moisturizer which was
    7:28 developed in my lab and so that one has some bioavailable Resveratrol and some
    7:34 other things that are they're good there's betaine in there um hot small amounts of hyaluronic acid
    7:41 um I think I'll talk about hyaluronic acid a little bit that's a it's a it's a string of sugars that cells use to
    7:48 remain plump and actually it can also defend against cancer and uh so I have a
    7:53 hyaluronic acid product but there are small hyaluronic acid pieces that go in right the rest of this article that I
    8:00 sent you recently about hyaluronic acid I don't know if you want to chat about that here what we can get to it when we
    8:05 talk about hyaluronic um okay so those and and can you break
    8:10 down why those molecules in the topical creams that you use are so beneficial
    8:16 for skin health well I know you've covered them before in other episodes but specifically here
    8:22 for top four sure well so I take supplements but they
    8:28 don't they don't don't all get to the get to the skin and so um what I like to do is I use this

    Retinol and hair growth

    8:35 topical cream uh that gets in at night and so that's got the the moisturizers hyaluronic acid it's got these molecules
    8:41 in it the other thing that I do is um I'm actually mixing in a little bit of uh retinol
    8:48 um occasionally every few days so retinol will increase cell division and
    8:54 it does help with wrinkles so you know at 52 uh you know you're meant to have a
    8:59 lot of wrinkles so far I haven't gotten that many and I think part of it is is the retinol treatment I put it here and
    9:05 I put it here uh
    9:12 you want to put it all over here's another he's a secret and a hack for the
    9:18 guys uh women who are having uh thinning hair uh I rub it here where you know I
    9:24 think it's it's prone to being thin and it's knowing that um the retinol actually lengthens the hair growth phase
    9:32 and so I do that um and then the third thing that I apply to my skin
    9:37 um is a peptide there's a a small peptide that is thought to boost skin
    9:43 division as well and so together I think I have improved my skin over the years

    Which Retinol-A 5 to use

    9:48 if you look at my photos from even five years ago and even 10 years ago my skin
    9:54 was not as good and so that's really shows that the power of science can actually work and all of these things
    10:00 I'm talking about today are backed by scientific studies uh now that since you brought up uh
    10:07 retinol let's talk about the amount because you know there are there are
    10:12 different products out there with varying amounts of retinol and we're talking you know retinol a for most of
    10:19 you guys out there um and I don't know that you can you have any recognition on the numbers
    10:25 um but there are different learning levels of retina and uh you do need to have a certain amount to have
    10:31 the level of efficacy that we want to have in skin well so I use uh 0.5 percent uh
    10:40 uh which is I think a moderately high dose right and I actually I don't put it straight
    10:46 on my skin because it can actually cause dryness I find and so I mix it with my
    10:52 moisturizer and apply it that way and so the amount that I put on my finger is the size of a
    10:58 about a half a p that's not a lot and uh
    11:03 um I tend not to go close to the eyes because if it gets in your eyes it can really hurt but I I do actually go higher than most people recommend bring
    11:11 it under there and you know I don't have any bags or a lot of wrinkles under there and I think that's partly what's
    11:16 helping is your retina the retinol you know people on the
    11:22 Internet is claiming that I've had plastic surgery the answer is no I haven't done any plastic surgery
    11:27 um it's all natural I haven't either by the way for all of you guys out there all right you know every time we're on
    11:35 here there are comments like that I have no problem sharing what it is that I do I do all kinds of different
    11:41 um and and we'll talk about this right David we'll talk about the things that we can do to our skin to stress it to
    11:48 give those bouts of stress that help create it's almost like creating hormesis in our skin so that's what we
    11:54 do with uh with micro needling and you know we can talk about that a little bit
    11:59 after we've talked about all the topicals and the reasons why these topics
    12:05 so I I'm really glad that you talked about the percentage of uh retinol that
    12:10 you use because that's probably why you don't you know put it all over your face
    12:16 because it's a little bit strong but there are products with lower percentages of retinol that allow you to
    12:22 use it nightly and that's what I use so I use a smaller percentage a much lower
    12:27 percentage around four or five percent but I use it all over and that's what I do every night so what else can we talk
    12:34 about topically um well there's a lie hey look look he's there there's Keys
    12:41 yeah um yeah I think uh what's important when we're talking about the topical is just
    12:46 what you're talking about in your podcast about um the Integrity of the skin and the

    How to maintain the structural integrity of the skin

    12:53 thickness of it and what we can do to help build the functional and structural Integrity of that skin some of it is
    12:59 topical some of it are other products so um and of course someone said something about SPF for sure I mean there's
    13:05 I use probably slightly different things than David does uh but you know we can
    13:10 dive into what I put on my skin as well um but maybe we can talk about why it's
    13:16 important to maintain uh these structural Integrity of the skin oh yeah
    13:21 when it starts you know when that starts to sort of deplete I guess yeah
    13:27 for sure so first first off you and I use sunscreen we very rarely get sunburned and a little bit of sun is
    13:34 fine go out for a walk you get your vitamin D but I I have been in a lab in an office for most of my adult life and
    13:42 I think that's also been very good for my skin not so much good for my uh it's my well-being but I I if I go out in the
    13:49 sun and I do a lot of kayaking in in the summer I always have a sunscreen on

    The skin's microbiome and probiotic skincare

    13:55 um and I try to use sunscreens that don't have those harsh chemicals in them although it's very hard to find those
    14:00 there's titanium Dark Side containing ones but if your skin starts to get red after you have been in the sun you know
    14:06 you've overdone it and that's really important it's not just creating mutations in your DNA that can lead to
    14:11 skin cancer it actually accelerates your epigenetic clock what we talked about earlier right and so yeah just a day's
    14:18 worth of sunburn will add to that clock and so you don't get away with it it may heal but it will come back decades later
    14:26 to cause wrinkles and blemishes so I avoid that um so the the other thing to know is
    14:32 that our skin has a lot of bacteria on it that are good and bad and the good ones keep away the bad ones and
    14:39 there are over a thousand species of bacteria on our skin and there are four main types and we want to Foster them we
    14:45 want them to grow I want them to be healthy and you don't want to use harsh soaps on your face that will get rid of
    14:51 them they like to collect around the sebaceous glands that secrete the oil your face is is one of the oiliest parts
    14:58 of your body and what we find with aging is that um the composition changes
    15:05 um and you can actually maintain the health of your microbiome in part by
    15:10 eating a really healthy diet yes also increasingly that I find products on the
    15:15 internet that I haven't tried uh that you can add back some of the microbiome
    15:20 I don't know if you ever tried any of those they do there's there's quite a few lines product lines actually thank
    15:26 you for asking that do you focus on your overall microbiome so beyond your gut with this

    Can topicals and supplements make you sun photosensitive? Best types of sunblock for skin longevity

    15:33 the the microbiome on your skin you know it's all inclusive your entire system and so
    15:39 as David was saying there there is healthy bacteria that we want to have on our skin and there are there are
    15:45 specific products I obviously can't make Brands here but if you type in
    15:50 um you know probiotic skin care they will they will pop up and there's probably
    15:56 three or four of them out there that have you know they came onto Market I would say three four or five years ago
    16:03 um and there are people are having really good results when using using um skin care that has that on there okay
    16:10 so as you remember there was a lot of comments about sunscreen because we were talking about retinol yes absolutely
    16:17 retinol retina um they can make you more sun photosensitive along with some of the
    16:23 supplements so there are things that you can ingest that also make you photosensitive so we absolutely Advocate
    16:29 using a sunblock every single day whenever you can and I personally use
    16:35 physical sunblocks I don't use chemical ones so if someone talked about zinc zinc creams are great

    Dry Brushing as an anti-aging skincare practice

    16:41 um it's really hard to produce a high quality effective uh toxin-free sunblock
    16:47 I heard there might be one coming on the market but before that one's available for the
    16:53 public choose something that's like a physical sunscreen uh so you're not absorbing all that because as we talked
    16:59 about the skin is your largest organ on your body and David can talk a lot more about that so we're absorbing toxins and
    17:07 we're absorbing everything everything that goes on our skin and our environment which is why detox and hydration is so important uh and
    17:15 something that we'll talk about later which is like lymphatic and dry brushing these are things that you can go pick up
    17:20 a two dollar brush at the local pharmacy or order on Amazon and just the action
    17:26 dry brushing will help rejuvenate your skin it'll stimulate your lymphatic system it'll stimulate the
    17:32 detoxification process so somebody's suggesting I start a skin line uh skincare line we'll we'll see about that
    17:39 but were you referring to the uh the sunblock that I'm working on with my team I I was referring to something that
    17:46 is still somewhat top secret that people can learn about if you go to the link in

    Vitamin B3 and NAD for a more youthful appearance

    17:52 our bio and you click on the link to sign up for our longw lifestyle series you will be the first to know when this
    17:59 product comes to Market um when you can sign up it will be a wait list but it's like a wait list you
    18:04 get on a waitlist so I highly recommend you go to Lincoln our bios sign up for that and you also get the notes from all
    18:11 this so I see a million um a million uh messages about replays
    18:16 and such the people will sign up get a link to the replays in their email box when they sign up so there's that
    18:24 because someone just asked about niacinamide and niacin so this is vitamin B3 uh so this is what I what I
    18:31 work on uh molecules that help make vitamin um well turn vitamin B3 into NAD NAD is
    18:39 this molecule that we lose as we get older and it's important not just for our internal organs but for our skin and
    18:45 uh and so vitamin B3 or niacin are also known as niacinamide even known as nicotinamide is in products nicotinic
    18:52 acid is probably the main one that's used and that seems to work really well and probably it's because it's boosting
    18:59 the levels and activity of these genes that I work on these proteins that defend the body called sirtuins but
    19:06 that's the answer to that I think there's a lot of validity to vitamin B3 for the skin applied topically uh and
    19:13 that's one of the things that we're working on for future products yeah see you guys will
    19:18 can stay tuned and you'll hear more about that uh and and and and to be fair

    Boosting skin health and glow from the inside out

    19:23 there are those elements and those compounds are in certain pre-existing products out there so you can look it up we know what
    19:30 Dr said about what can help your skin so look for these products
    19:37 um okay so typically what else should we talk about we've talked about um

    Antioxidants for younger skin

    19:44 collagenase Inhibitors vitamin D has been 100 cubic collagenase and collagenase increases as we get older
    19:51 and starts to break down structure the skin so take some vitamin E that's good and
    19:57 what about some you want to talk about food talk about antioxidants apply to the skin or eating yeah yeah let's talk
    20:03 about okay so we're gonna we're gonna go from the outside in right now so we're talking about topicals
    20:08 um would you like to talk about how antioxidants apply topically how that can help if it does how much it helps

    The latest on Vitamin C and skin aging

    20:15 that might be a good base and then we'll dive into what you can what you can
    20:20 ingest in terms of fantastic Usher well the thing to know about antioxidants and
    20:26 and oxidants are also known as reactive oxygen species is that you need to get the balance just right
    20:32 um we don't want a lot of of free radicals because I'll damage our DNA and cause
    20:38 aging but we also need to have a few of them because they actually cause the body to undergo hormesis this thing
    20:45 hormesis we've talked about before what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and you can have hormesis in your cells even
    20:52 in the little parts of the cells that make energy equal mitochondria and so taking antioxidants is important and


    20:58 taking the right amount is important and so by putting vitamin C on the skin and
    21:04 other antioxidants it's helpful but also just be aware you don't want to do too much because it can actually
    21:10 backfire well you also want to make sure that the vitamin C that you're using has an
    21:16 oxidized because that's not help right and ideally if you're using a product
    21:22 that's high in vitamin C you you want it to be as clear as possible because once
    21:27 it gets discolored once it starts turning you know yellow or brown toss it because that that product has now

    Yoga for the skin

    21:34 oxidized and you don't want to be putting that your skin exactly and Resveratrol is is a mild antioxidant
    21:39 which helps that's one of the reasons I put it on the skin all over but Resveratrol also activates uh third one
    21:46 is a certain defense event and that's also mimicking the benefits of fasting of good food and have
    21:53 exercise like I think it Resveratrol is exercise for the skin actually and I saw someone posted that they do yoga for
    21:59 their skin yeah and so I know we're going to talk about

    Microcurrent skin treatment for reducing wrinkles and sagging

    22:06 what you can put inside which we will we'll talk about nutrition but I think that's a perfect segue into what you can
    22:11 do on your skin um and on your face so yoga for the skin is great I think that's why we've seen
    22:17 such a trend with like using a Gua Sha is because you're basically exercising the muscles on your face you know we
    22:25 focus on the muscles on our body we know what the benefits are um we know what benefits are in terms of
    22:30 longevity we talk so often about why exercise is so important but it's also about exercising the muscles on your
    22:37 face which you which we don't do you know unless we're doing something like face yoga or washa or
    22:46 um I do something called micropriate which is using you know electrical currents to stimulate the
    22:52 muscles on the face and you can explain why so stimulating the the muscles in your face

    Serena Poon's beauty secrets: micro-needling, microcurrent, dermaplane

    23:00 um is like exercise and muscles release what are called Mido kinds and these are beneficial they're anti-inflammatory
    23:07 um you might even induce mitochondesis which is getting your mitochondria to to experience a bit of stress like
    23:13 when you exercise um or take the drug metformin you're stressing out your mitochondria and they
    23:19 actually put out these micropeptides one's called Moz C motsc that we talked about before it's a
    23:26 peptide and that is very good for the body and so I think that's what's happening I've always wanted this so you
    23:33 don't even have a wrinkle which is miraculous I don't know I do I when I
    23:38 smile I do I do now I've seen you in person you literally have no wrinkles
    23:43 it's it's a it's amazing so one thing that you do is micro needling and I've never tried that and you I think you
    23:49 also do abrasion or whatever it's called okay well there's three things that I tell
    23:56 everyone if you have access you doing I prefer doing it under in a clinic
    24:02 where it's it's run by a physician and there's highly trained estheticians
    24:08 um I say that because there's a lot of little clinics that pop up around La and it wouldn't it just to be mindful about
    24:13 where you go to do it but I do micro needling as you said I do microcurren and I also do
    24:20 um a dermatite and that's basically where someone uses a razor and uh they
    24:27 scrape all the dead skin cells off your face but it also stresses the skin just
    24:32 enough to cause an inflammatory response which is um what you're saying is what's
    24:39 beneficial throughout the body so I do that uh and then the microneedling I do which you can explain I know you haven't
    24:45 done it I highly recommend it I've done it for years uh and I do and and in the
    24:51 past you know they Infuse your skin with vitamins and and now and then it kind of
    24:56 migrated to peptides I've also done it with plasma with therapy and and I've
    25:01 done it with exosomes as well so okay and explain all the things I was like
    25:09 why this is so amazing and then there's a difference also between a pin microneedling technique and then
    25:15 um the French technique which is by hand there's there's different results um for your skin is it painful
    25:21 yes it's very painful oh wow okay yes well okay it looks like it's worth it
    25:28 you can dump your face but then you're putting something on your face that's not necessarily clean I mean
    25:36 um lidocaine is is it's not that it's unsafe it's just that and you could or you could just you could just suck it up
    25:42 and bear it yeah I know you you're you've got a lot of uh resilience and
    25:48 and grit so so the what you're really doing is is inducing mild stress on the
    25:53 skin little little wounds and that leads to growth factors and other peptides
    25:59 that are released that are um promote uh healing but also in doing so they'll stimulate your stem cells to
    26:06 divide and you get more skin and your skin gets thicker as a result yes all of
    26:12 those things are really good and uh and so I do that chemically you do it also chemically but also physically yeah I
    26:18 mean occasionally I whack my face but that's mostly just to wake myself up
    26:24 um yeah I would say that microneedling might be a little more effective

    Micro-needling skin treatments at home

    26:31 um but yeah I do that and if and and there's also sort of like a specific protocol when you're doing it just how
    26:36 to prep your skin for it um obviously doing the needling what goes into your skin as your skin is open
    26:43 and absorbed serving whether it's peptides or exosomes or pure plasma or
    26:49 you know different types of serums and then you kind of want to hit that skin with some red light and some oxygen so
    26:55 there's like a multi-step process that I go through I found it to be very effective
    27:01 um the AIDS the skin when it's healing and then um okay what is the French method right if I was going to ask you
    27:07 that what is it uh the French method so so typically when you're going to Med
    27:12 spas or you know estheticians that do the microneutilate that you could actually buy the roller that's available
    27:17 that people can buy and you can do it at home you just want to make sure it's very sterile um and you don't overdo it so
    27:25 um at Med spas or with your dermatologist they have a pen and it's just it
    27:31 it in microseconds is just putting tiny little holes on your face
    27:37 um at different depths depending what the needle is and the fresh method is when it's just one needle so instead of
    27:43 a roller with multiple multiple pinpoints you do it's just one needle
    27:49 very thin needle and then they switch out the needle once it dolls they switch it out and as they're as they're
    27:55 breaking the skin and punch and you know causing trauma to the skin which is the

    Supplements for skin, hair and nails

    28:01 minimum amount of trauma that we want that stress that we want it's they're also injecting either plasma or exosomes
    28:08 or serums or peptides so that's the French method and so it goes deeper you
    28:15 see effects maybe six weeks later as opposed to a more surface more topical
    28:20 uh stress on the on the face and you'll get those results in two or three weeks
    28:25 yeah so I would like to talk about um either food or supplements
    28:33 uh we should talk about both should we talk about supplements first since we're kind of like we talk about
    28:40 food so yeah I started taking Resveratrol in my early 30s
    28:46 um so yeah I'm now 52. um and I don't regret it at all at the time it wasn't known if it would do

    NMN & circulation - why it is important for the skin

    28:52 anything all we had was yeast cells living longer and then we showed worms and flies and
    28:57 it was really early days but I took it anyway um figuring if it doesn't hurt me you know it's it's not really a risk but I
    29:05 really am glad that I have done that because I I do believe that my health internally and externally and how I look
    29:11 is partly due to that so I've been taking a gram of Resveratrol for all those years over a decade and uh and
    29:19 it turns on the waste defenses um I also take nmn which I've talked
    29:24 about before which raises NAD levels just like vitamin B3 but even better and that I think is is important anime is
    29:31 interesting because we've shown in animal studies uh and um and we're
    29:37 working on human studies now increases blood flow in muscle for sure in the
    29:42 brain but also I I believe it would work in the skin as well so I think that blood flow is very important for the
    29:49 skin actually we know it is and even the hair the lack of blood flow of hair is partly what leads to hair loss and so

    Senolytics and James Kirkland's clinical trials.

    29:56 that's one of my my tips um
    30:01 EMF you know that really helps with blood flow there's different things that also help with blood flow in addition to
    30:07 the supplements so I'm sorry to interrupt that I said no that's okay um yeah I also wanted to mention that
    30:13 PRP is platelet-rich plasma uh I'm sorry for those of you who don't know yeah and
    30:19 it's filled with lots of goodies uh exosomes it's filled with peptides that are coming out of those cells
    30:26 um all the good things and you can use it on your skin and on your hair so we'll get to the hair in a minute yeah the one thing that's that somebody asked
    30:33 about is senolytics uh the question or for Seton some people call it fisetin
    30:39 which is essentiality so these are natural molecules that kill or at least
    30:45 uh help to kill senescent cells these are the zombie cells that accumulate in all of our tissues uh and also in the
    30:52 skin and we can see them actually build up um in the around the hair follicle and
    30:58 in the sebaceous gland and they're really bad they cause inflammation they cause aging and so you can actually yeah
    31:06 and so you can you can take senolytics and uh somebody mentioned earlier Jim Kirkland who's a colleague and friend of
    31:12 mine he's been running clinical trials on these molecules with some really promising results and so I think
    31:19 trying these out on myself as you know I'd like to be a guinea pig um no no offense Arena but you're my
    31:25 code guinea pig so that we can share with people what we find works and what doesn't okay and I I
    31:33 went through a course of senolytics um about
    31:38 uh about nine months ago and I I did it with um Quercetin and Fisetin
    31:45 yep and what I found was uh it was really quite remarkable in my own experience I
    31:52 did it for a month um and I took um both those compounds every morning mixed with my yogurt and my research
    31:59 uh I actually found that my skin looked a lot better after that month and people
    32:04 actually noticed it um no that's I mean clearly that's not a scientific study there was no control I
    32:11 didn't have an evil twin that I didn't treat uh you know I've also done that scene here
    32:17 at all I did it for two months how did you feel how did it go for you um
    32:23 I mean I I to be honest I wasn't looking at my skin
    32:28 specifically you know at results but I I would say my skin looked I can't think of a reason I Did It For
    32:37 My Brain I you know as you know um I did grow you know to get rid of all
    32:42 the other zombie cells but I also you know there's other ways to do it as well there's peptides there's ss31 it's
    32:48 highly beneficial obviously for your skin and other parts of your body it's just great to take out all those
    32:54 it's an acid cells so whatever you're doing to do it is helpful right it's it's hard to get rid of wrinkles that
    33:00 don't exist so you might not see the effects but um yeah I I still I think you look great
    33:06 and uh if anything you look better than you did before so you know these are these are not scientific studies of
    33:13 course but but you can try them that there doesn't seem to be any downside to doing it and you can actually here's a
    33:19 tip you can go online and go to clinical trials.gov clinicaltrials.gov and look
    33:27 up James Kirkland k-i-r-k-l-n-e and you'll find
    33:33 and look up fisetin f-i-s-e-t-i-n get a pen write this down and or write in this analytic and you'll
    33:41 see the protocol for his clinical trials okay and you can if you want talk to
    33:47 your doctor if you and I recommend you do because anything that's a major
    33:52 change with supplements could harm you if especially if you're taking other medicines and supplements but you can
    33:57 look at what he does and get get a guide as to what might work for you that is such that's such a helpful tip
    34:05 um thank you for that and also and we'll definitely have that in our notes you guys like I know that you're taking
    34:11 notes and you were down with Dr Sinclair said but we'll definitely have that in our show notes as well because it's
    34:16 really helpful and again here just to give you guys some tools to empower yourself to kind of figure out what
    34:21 works best for you uh so that was really helpful I'm actually gonna go look that
    34:27 up as well um see what else I can add to my protocol um we didn't talk that much about
    34:33 pigmentation which I think is really important to discuss at least just a little bit because it's so prevalent I

    Reducing age-related skin pigmentation

    34:40 mean it's a marker of Aging right so we don't have the same type of skin we did when we're in our you know when we're a
    34:46 child and our teams in our 20s and so forth and it's really with older with older uh individuals I mean there's 70s
    34:53 or 80s that we see we see that we see the implementation so can we talk a little bit about that
    35:00 why that happens and what we can do to prevent that yep uh we've never talked about this uh so
    35:06 you don't know so let's ask my knowledge all right I
    35:12 think you're testing me today yeah all right okay so pigmentation
    35:20 cause uh in part by melanocytes in your skin they become permanently turned on and you get not a really dark tan that
    35:27 doesn't easily go away but one way to remove them and to even prevent them is to use molecules that inhibit the enzyme
    35:34 called tyrosinase because that's important for making melanin which is the dark color
    35:39 and there are skin products that have tyrosinase Inhibitors one of the ones
    35:44 that I like is Resveratrol uh actually it turns out that Resveratrol inhibits
    35:49 tyrosinones um it does a lot of other things but that's one of the things
    35:54 um and so that's the that's the main one I know of what are the other molecules that you know that you can use to
    36:00 de-pigment or reduce because I mean I've had I've had history do with melasma and
    36:07 you know I we can dive into this part a little bit more when we do our little hormone specific episode for both men
    36:15 and women um but that can come with uh hormone hormonal changes and Beyond birth
    36:21 control so I had a lot of I had I had a lot of melasma and besides
    36:26 staying out of the sun besides all the topical things that I was doing to cause stress the skin like
    36:33 I've substitute away from tyrosine I really made sure that I didn't have at a very low tyrosine intake in my diet for
    36:41 exactly the reason um and there is a
    36:46 this is a secret because I've only been doing this for about six months you guys I haven't even told David about this so
    36:52 I do take um a transamic acid uh and that you can
    36:59 find if you Google it you can find it in topical uh products I'm not going to need Brands but if you type it in you'll
    37:05 find it in some more natural products uh some clean Beauty but and then also some
    37:11 that have other elementary students are not quite as clean and that can really help for
    37:16 whatever reason it helps with pigmentation it helps break up that
    37:21 melanin in the skin um and it really kind of helps to neutralize or counterbalance that
    37:28 hyperpigmentation so you might be able to explain why that works
    37:33 uh well it's going to inhibit the production of the pigment pigment in your skin right and inhibit yes it is
    37:42 so that's another way don't feed the feed the fire yeah you know I'm cognizant of the time we want to cover
    37:49 let's see Hair Botox maybe collagen gosh we have so many things plus nutrition uh

    Nutrients to help your skin to stay younger

    37:56 we only have about 10 more minutes so we are going to do more of it and this is
    38:02 posted so don't worry about that oh yeah I mean that was a secret that I
    38:07 just shared so I'm feeling pretty good about where we're at right now
    38:12 should we just go over nutrition really quick just because a lot of it's basic a lot of it basically perfect for it
    38:18 they've heard with you with me the different types of food they can eat
    38:23 um why antioxidants still have value in this level place even if they're not fully age reversing
    38:31 um if you can talk about that for a little bit yeah sure so lots of foods have antioxidants in them of course you
    38:37 if you look for the colored ones you and I independently espouse the benefits of colored Foods uh because that they don't
    38:44 just have a lot of antioxidants they also have polyphenols which include those called quercetin and fisetin uh
    38:51 ecgc from green tea which is an antioxidant but also causes mitochondesis which we mentioned is
    38:57 important yeah so colored foods are great and but what about the antioxidants so I I sometimes say and
    39:04 even in my book lifespan I say antioxidants are not all they're cracked up to be so what do I mean by that it's
    39:11 that that some of the properties of these polyphenols um are not just antioxidant properties
    39:17 they actually turn on the body's natural fences which includes turning on the body's antioxidant enzymes and so I'm
    39:24 not saying antioxidants are not good for you of course they are right I take vitamin C as well Resveratrol is an
    39:30 antioxidant vitamin E but what I'm saying is that they're not the entire solution to the problem they're just
    39:36 proud of what we should and so eating foods that are full of antioxidants by all means um you know green tea is full
    39:43 of them uh if you like red wine I've given up red wine in general after when
    39:48 I had a serious alcohol you guys alcohol and it definitely that's not going to
    39:56 not see ing if you're talking about
    40:01 looking younger longer than less alcohol thank you for all these badges you guys
    40:06 today was really has been really fun and I really appreciate all these Badges and hearts and really kind comments
    40:14 um it just helps and it's a lot of fun to do this with you guys at least I have fun I think yeah oh it's a great crowd
    40:19 today thank you everyone really appreciate it yeah so eating the colors of the rainbow David talks a lot about
    40:25 Xeno releases we've talked about it here why that's important our foods that have high levels of antioxidants and our
    40:31 great quality reasons said and we can give a whole list of foods actually they're already on my blog so if you are
    40:39 interested in specific foods for skin Health um they're already on the blog if you go to the link in BIO we will probably
    40:45 include it in the show notes there as well um and you talked about green tea
    40:50 actually even cacao even cacao and high quality uh coffee that has no mold also

    How sugar affects skin aging

    40:57 has antioxidant value to it I really could go for some dark
    41:03 chocolate yes dark chocolate that's one of our favorite foods so yeah and not not sweet
    41:10 navel on a lot and nuts have vitamin E so that's another good reason and and
    41:16 Brazil nuts selenium for those who are vegan very important very important
    41:21 um oh you go and then we get on to collagen because
    41:26 I know there's there's so if you guys I think we're just gonna have to do another episode of this because you guys
    41:32 are loving it so much today which is great um what I really want to call out which might sound like common knowledge is
    41:39 sugar you know sugar is not your friend if you want to really
    41:45 maintain youthful skin and that's not just and obviously with David's talked about that I've talked about that when
    41:52 it comes to longevity immune Health but definitely also you're at the health of your skin
    41:58 um the health of your gut you know Fine Lines wrinkles all of that sugar and processed foods really contribute to
    42:04 that so simple things you can remove from your diet if it's currently in your diet
    42:09 um and you can start anytime okay and having a little bit of sugar here and there is okay but
    42:14 um just be mindful of it and David if you can just like give a little bit of the science on why sugars oh yeah so
    42:22 I've avoided sugar for at least 20 years and I'm I'm glad I did so sugar will do
    42:28 two things the main thing is that it bonds to your proteins and inactivates them and you get what are called
    42:34 Advanced glycation and products you get glucoronidated proteins is one that's in
    42:40 your blood that's an indicator of diabetes called hba1c your doctor can measure that with
    42:46 good indicator of diabetes but you don't want to get anywhere near diabetes a
    42:51 steady relatively low level of blood sugar is what we're aiming for for extra longevity and it's known that people who
    42:57 can control their blood sugar are healthier in the long run and probably have a slower aging clock so avoid foods
    43:04 that have what's called a high glycemic index that spike your spike your blood sugar I've tested my own with a blood
    43:12 monitor a glucose monitor so I know that foods like what just plain white rice
    43:18 um of course desserts are a nightmare for for the body it's okay to steal a little a little bit of your dessert
    43:24 that's what I do but generally I don't eat a lot of dessert and the other thing that sugar does is that it dampens your
    43:31 body's defenses against aging when there's a lot of nutrients around a lot of amino acids particularly leucine and
    43:39 Searing and a lot of sugar your body doesn't defend itself it believes that
    43:44 there's no reason to defend itself and those defenses such that we've talked about the sirtuins mtor ampk they shut
    43:52 down when there's too much energy around and so you don't want to get those spikes and thirdly
    43:58 if you go like this through the day with your blood sugar you'll feel totally overactive and energetic but then you'll
    44:03 crash your body overcompensates and your sugar goes down then you feel tired hungry and have a brain fog and so it's
    44:10 much better to just eat smaller amounts and actually I I prefer to eat very small amounts for breakfast and for
    44:15 lunch and then eat most of my calories are dinner but I know you you prefer to eat uh you
    44:22 know not just one meal a day but everyone's different well I have like an eating window
    44:28 um and so I still fast I just eat within a window of time to kind of get in all the nutrients that I need
    44:34 um and and so many questions about sugar obviously processed sugar anything with a high glycemic index
    44:40 um even natural sugar so a lot of questions about fruit and dry fruit they are so high in sugar so I'm not we're

    What you can take and do to prevent hair-loss

    44:47 not seeing don't have fruit and don't have things with sugar just be mindful and be balanced about it and know that
    44:52 it's not serving you if your goal is to have living skin and Longevity uh so
    44:58 just to balance it out and there are sugar substitutes that do not do not raise your glycemic index
    45:04 with sugar yeah always that a lot
    45:09 um Stevia there are there are sugar Alternatives so um let's talk about hair
    45:16 hair all right first of all those men out there want to know about hair all right so do do what Serena does look at
    45:23 her hair it's unfreaking believable so here's my hair uh it's all natural I
    45:30 do and I haven't no extensions you guys it's real it is I can vouch for that
    45:37 um so the so I haven't talked about my hair I've talked in the third person but here I'm
    45:42 going to reveal what I do um okay so I eat a good diet that's the
    45:48 main thing I've been using those supplements I've talked about today and I think that prevents my hair cells from aging
    45:55 um I use retin Retin-A on my scalp um and I I use
    46:01 um minoxidil which is uh the inhibitor actually promotes blood uh flow in your
    46:08 scalp and so red light you do red light too oh and the red light too I've mentioned that so let's quickly talk
    46:15 about it so the minoxidil I put on there because I know it improves um blood flow it's meant to be just here but it does
    46:22 actually work here as well guys you can use it down here I put it on at night you can put it on during the day but
    46:28 it's really oily and there's also red light therapy which has been proven to work infrared light actually stimulates
    46:33 hair growth yeah and uh and I I put that on you can have a crime you can sometimes get I use the cab I just put
    46:40 on there for 10 minutes and it's great and so you know those are my secrets and they seem to work for me at least
    46:46 okay so I can dive more into my hair is a minute and again you guys not
    46:52 extensions I have gotten so much grief over the years not extensions but biotin
    46:57 has been really helpful for some people that I've um uh shared men and women uh I do tons
    47:04 of grains and um that comes with juice and superfoods um that's what's ingested
    47:10 water um there's also Hoshi Wu for people that are trying to kind of fight Grays we
    47:15 don't have the clinical on that yet maybe we'll have it but the next time we do another episode here but Hoshi was
    47:20 really helpful even for clients I've had about cancer and their hair came back gray I wish you was something that has
    47:26 helped them bring back a little bit of color so we're we're way past time and
    47:32 we're gonna have to go but I so loved today's um chat it was so much fun it was so
    47:38 much fun engaging with you all I know that you guys have a million more questions so I would say send them in didn't get as many questions sent in
    47:44 this time it really helps when you guys send in those questions it helps us decide what we're going to chat about
    47:50 um and thank you David this is really fun I think everybody everybody and I
    47:55 appreciate you sharing your secrets it's wonderful I learned something new about you every time but this this episode was
    48:01 really special thank you oh well thank you this is super social for me too and especially celebrate with you guys so
    48:08 thank you guys so much Happy Valentine's Day and um we'll see you guys next week so thanks so much all right bye