2022-08-31 - Interview Dr. David Sinclair - Optimize Longevity - Longevity Molecules and Supplements

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    In Dr. David Sinclair’s fourth Lifespan Podcast episode, he narrows in on drugs and supplements that have been reported to combat aspects of aging…sharing the latest experimental and clinical data for NAD boosters, resveratrol, fisetin, quercetin, rapamycin, spermidine, metformin, and berberine. Given the interest, a special focus is placed on the NAD precursors nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).



    0:00 we've met people that eat terrible diets and take a supplement thinking that that will replace a healthy diet and that's
    0:05 not true what we have shown in my lab and others many others have shown is that
    0:11 you need to do both to get the biggest bang for the buck and you can't just expect supplements to replace a healthy
    0:16 diet [Music]
    0:39 hi hi serena how are you i'm great how are you doing i'm good so
    0:46 i didn't do a big intro on you today because i figure by now it's our fourth part in our series and everybody knows
    0:53 who you are um and if they don't then they can go back and watch our other three episodes
    0:58 and learn all the things um but there are so many questions and uh and it's
    1:04 and it's wonderful because i finally sort of had the chance to explain to everyone what these badges are that are
    1:10 down here and my team was trying to get me to explain the last few episodes um but what i was telling everyone is
    1:17 you clearly are so busy you're on the road now you're on the road all the time you're tuning in and doing this live to
    1:23 answer questions as a q a to the podcast that you do every wednesday um and it's
    1:29 just giving people an opportunity to ask questions and we we try to house all the questions we can all the hundreds of
    1:36 questions that come in every single week we do the best we can to answer them but it's so kind of you to do this and so
    1:42 kind of both of our teams put in their energies to make this happen but i was letting people know that these

    What to expect in this longevity conversation

    1:48 badges that are down here is a way that they can show appreciation to the team and also if they want to
    1:55 bring a really important question up and they want us to see it i guess the badges highlight them in some way
    2:02 uh so so that was something that i wanted to let everybody know and thank you for the
    2:08 people that have literally just sent in badges just as a thank you to the team and to dr sinclair so so that's it i
    2:15 know use up three minutes and we're gonna go right into supplements so this past episode you talked about it's like
    2:22 a burning question everybody has which are what supplements do
    2:27 or can we take for longevity what molecules are important and today we'll
    2:33 go over a handful of them that you talk about so often not just in the podcast drop the last podcast draft but um just
    2:40 whenever you do talk so we're going to talk a little bit about mmn nr what those differences are nad
    2:48 uh the differences between those three things because most people don't really understand um respiratory we're going to
    2:55 talk about some synalytics uh quercetin and the seton and did you want to talk about
    3:00 the satanism if we have time we'll talk about that right yeah sounds good okay and then um i met foreman berberine
    3:07 spermidine and for those of you guys that don't know what spermidine is we're gonna get really clear on what spermidine is so

    What is NAD? How do you increase levels of NAD in the body?

    3:14 there's no confusion at all um and then probably some rapid myosin too so that's
    3:19 what we're planning on covering today if we don't cover everything then make a note of it and we'll cover the parts
    3:24 that we missed um in another episode so okay yeah
    3:30 five dollars yeah we're gonna try to pack it all in
    3:36 all right i see lots of questions so let's start with that let's start with um the difference between nr enema and
    3:42 energy i'm just gonna let you kind of go uh while i scroll back and take a peek
    3:48 at some of these questions okay great um yeah so if you don't know nad is a
    3:53 molecule that we need for life we have a lot of it in our bodies we make less as we get older and we destroy more as we get older we need to
    4:00 raise that back up and so you typically if you're my age i'm 52 now i would have about half the levels that
    4:06 i had when i was 20. so the idea is to supplement and to get those levels back up why because there are enzymes that
    4:12 control longevity certains of the enzymes we work on and they need nad so
    4:17 do dna repair enzymes there's a protein called parp1 that needs nad and so what how do you raise an ad well
    4:24 you can uh fast you can exercise these are some ways but you can also
    4:29 complement uh supplement that kind of a lifestyle with supplements and
    4:35 well you know i'll be very careful to say when it's a mouse study versus a human study we do know from some human
    4:41 studies and a lot of male studies that you can raise nad levels in the body so let me tell you how to do that
    4:47 well some people take nad now i don't think that's the best way given what i know about biology and cells because nad
    4:54 is a very big molecule relative to these other ones you've mentioned and it doesn't get taken up into cells very
    4:59 readily and probably what's happening in the body is if you have an iv of nad it's first broken down into its
    5:05 constituents which are what we've talked about but it's the precursors and then rebuild
    5:10 so if you're going to take it orally so take a pill uh it can be sublingual can be swallowed just as a powder or a
    5:16 capsule i do the capsules every morning with some water what you want to do is is take a
    5:22 precursor so how do you build nad what does the cell do it needs various components
    5:27 nad stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and those are three components that you
    5:34 need so the nicotinamide part of it you can get as vitamin b3 but i don't recommend to raise an ad levels by
    5:40 taking vitamin b3 also known as niacin or niacinamide or nicotinic acid this
    5:45 this is just one part of a big molecule we need to build so you want to give all the components so what

    How NMN raises levels of NAD

    5:52 are the other components there's the adenine which is a sugary molecule and then there's a phosphate which is
    5:59 phosphorus which is oxygen and phosphorus put together so nicotinamide is vitamin b3 the sugar
    6:07 is the adenine now those two put together is nr nicotinamide riboside so you've got two
    6:13 out of three out of three components but if you take an r you still need that phosphate so phosphate where do you get
    6:19 phosphate in the body well it's in your bones it's in your dna and your body needs to either take it
    6:25 from the outside or bring it from from your your bones or your dna so
    6:30 the the other molecule that you mentioned the one that i take is nmn nicotinamide
    6:36 right vitamin b3 mononucleotide which has the sugar in the middle
    6:42 it's called a ribose and then the phosphate is also on there and it's got the three main components to make an ad
    6:48 okay and so what we find in our experiments in mice and it seems true in humans
    6:54 um though we do need some more research is that if you take nmn it raises nad
    7:00 more readily to higher levels because you've got all three of the components to build nad whereas with nr you only
    7:07 have two out of the three and if you just take niacin or nicotinamide you've got one out of the three

    Benefits of NMN

    7:12 but it doesn't mean that if you take any of those it won't help i just take nmn because i think that it raises nad
    7:18 levels the highest when you take it and some people say do you need iv do you need sublingual how should you take it well what i've
    7:25 done and with my colleagues at harvard is test it in people and what happens is
    7:30 if you take nmn over a certain amount of time which is about two weeks it'll steadily rise up to
    7:36 about two times the normal levels of what what i would have and so that's what i do but you don't
    7:43 need to do anything fancy you just swallow it and it seems to get in quite fine into the body and raise those
    7:48 energy levels and why do you do that because we think that the body's natural defenses against aging are heightened
    7:54 like we're young again and in mice there's lots of things that happen that are good we see that mice run further they have more activity they're better
    8:00 metabolic control they're a bit leaner and we and others see that older mice are less frail now do we know this
    8:06 happens in humans no we don't know but we are doing those trials and there are some studies already that show that
    8:12 people have more endurance more oxygen capacity which is what we see in mice as well
    8:17 so so thank you for that and that was really helpful i know that we've discussed it before and there are some
    8:23 comments here about how we've talked about anime before but i think it's really important because this topic is
    8:28 about supplements and something that i actually wanted to ask you to address was what is the

    How much NMN Dr. Sinclair takes a day

    8:34 difference between drugs and supplements and and right before you go into that i'm just going to give our audience that
    8:41 our amazing audience that's here we have over 2 000 people just a reminder that this is a this is a learning space and

    What is the difference between and drugs and supplements?

    8:48 it's a really kind space and for anyone on here at the din can we speak of that last episode
    8:54 that isn't that didn't hear me speak about this episode um we are going to remove any unkind commentary that's on
    9:01 here because it's very distracting to the rest of our learning audience so thank you so much and let's talk about
    9:07 the difference between drugs and supplements right um i do want to mention before i say
    9:12 that that i take a gram of nmn a lot of people ask me how much do i take it's a gram a day not every day sometimes i
    9:18 have a couple of days off we should talk about on off days and timing um okay but your question is drugs have
    9:24 supplements well actually they're the same thing it's just that one's regulated and one
    9:29 isn't in a different way i mean they're both regulated but one is under the fda's control and needs a prescription
    9:36 in the u.s um and one doesn't and every country has different rules but in general um the drugs like metformin that we're
    9:43 going to talk about later you do need a doctor's prescription and supplements fall into a different category which are
    9:48 classified as food and food-like substances that you can buy over the counter and that's really the main
    9:54 difference it's important to remember that a drug just because it's a drug doesn't mean it's any different
    9:59 some drugs are directly from plants or just slight modifications metformin which requires a prescription is derived
    10:06 from a plant just slightly modified so you just have to remember it's more about regulation than actually
    10:11 the substance itself um so that's clarity on that and then
    10:16 some people ask what a gram is a gram is a thousand milligrams so any time we kind of throw out uh measurements uh you

    How to find trustworthy supplement brands

    10:23 can always google to see what yeah how much that is uh for you in your metrics well there is
    10:29 one more thing that i should mention that's really important yeah the the reason that the drugs are
    10:36 also in a different category is that they've gone through more testing and that you can be less worried about
    10:43 side effects because they've been through so many uh tests and of course with a drug you get the listing of all
    10:48 the side effects and you work with your doctor whereas the supplement world um you know for good or bad but you know
    10:53 mostly it's a concern is that some of these products are unregulated in terms of their
    10:58 their quality and this is a real problem that we can talk about which is what do you how do you know what's a good
    11:04 supplement right you trust what you're getting um and so what i would say is uh look
    11:09 for a company that has a good reputation so a company that's been around for a decade often uh you can
    11:15 find these these companies that aren't just pop-up you know often
    11:20 unreputable companies destroy pitiful companies they they pop up for a couple of years then they get a bad name they
    11:26 change their name so you don't want one of those the thing is as i mentioned in a previous live review
    11:33 look for the letters gmp good manufacturing practices because that means that they're they've been certified to produce a product that
    11:41 genuinely has what they say is in there and there are no contaminants as well and um on that note you know we have so
    11:48 many people asking about brands and i know this question is going to continue on throughout the course of our lives for
    11:54 each supplement that we're talking about so let's address brands you know we've talked about it
    11:59 before and on this on the slide and just professionally we typically do not
    12:05 you know we can't really endorse a specific brand for various reasons david you have you
    12:11 have your reasons your associations your affiliations and um what we do offer is a guide of uh some
    12:19 trusted resources that we like that is in our link in our bio
    12:24 and we will speak specifically about some brands when it's appropriate but when it comes to nad
    12:31 and nmn as far as i understand there's really no specific brand that you endorse right uh

    Why Dr. Sinclair doesn't endorse supplement brands

    12:38 though you may have spoken of some in the past so i just wanted some clarity on that because i know that people are
    12:43 going to go online and they're going to google dr david st claire and nmn and all kinds of things will pop up so we
    12:50 just want to make sure it's really clear to our audience um where you stand on that
    12:56 yeah uh well so i need to be separated from from these brands and even though
    13:02 you might see my name on websites and often people just put my name or they link to a video or
    13:08 my my research which you know my research is out there it's public information please know that i
    13:13 don't endorse uh nad or supplements uh precursors to nad and if a company is
    13:20 doing that they're actually uh they're doing so without my permission why do i do that well
    13:27 mainly it's because i want to have independent um objective status if i talk about the
    13:32 science you know that i'm not uh biased in terms of well you know am i making
    13:37 money from nr no no so then you know that what i have to say is totally just
    13:43 based on the science but that's my philosophy in general is try my best not to
    13:48 be affiliated with a certain brand uh so that what i say you can trust is not contaminated by a conflict or at least a
    13:55 perceived conflict of interest okay great yeah so so just to be clear

    Can you take NMN and NAD together?

    14:01 with everyone on here um if you uh if you see
    14:06 um dr sinclair if you see content out there that says he's endorsing a particular brand um
    14:13 that's not the case you kind of heard it here from him directly which is important um people have questions about
    14:20 whether or not they can take nmn and nad together at the same time not
    14:25 necessarily at the same time anyone sitting with the supplements but just some people do the shot some people do
    14:30 the trips and then they also want to take it uh the enemy orally so i would love for you to address that since there
    14:36 are a lot of people are actually doing that we've got quite a few questions about that specifically right uh well i
    14:41 don't see any reason why that would be a problem um in fact i've been taking nmn for many years um and i've tried nad
    14:48 drips and i think that it's the there's no reason why they they cannot be mixed together just be aware
    14:54 or be aware uh that if you take nmn one day and at the same on the
    15:00 same day have an nad drip you're probably gonna make your nad levels very high now
    15:05 is there a problem with very high nad levels we don't know there hasn't been any evidence that
    15:11 there's a downside that i'm aware of in people but i think in an abundance of caution
    15:16 we shouldn't push things too far until we know more and so i would say if it were me i don't make recommendations but
    15:22 if it were me um i would not take my nmn or in our supplement the day that you're

    What is Resveratrol and what are the benefits?

    15:28 having an nad trip that's um that's great that's a great uh
    15:33 i don't want to say piece of advice but that's a great share so thank you for letting us know that and hopefully
    15:38 that's helpful for the people listening um we have so many questions about our
    15:43 spiritual which you've spoken of you've spoken on a lot but since you know in
    15:48 the in the theme of our episode i think it's important to address that and then maybe we can even jump to metformin um and
    15:56 berberine after that before we dive into spermidine and a couple other things so we're going to try and get all the
    16:02 topics today you guys yeah good well resveratrol is a core part of my life it's been i've been taking it
    16:07 since i was 34 and uh it's gone in and out of fashion you know
    16:13 the media old media likes to be swing this way extreme that way but
    16:19 the science has been pretty much direct on which is every week there's another study coming out either in cells or in
    16:25 animals and every few months in people um touting or showing that there are
    16:30 benefits and there are no downsides that i'm aware of so what thousands of papers now have shown
    16:38 is that resveratrol enhances the body's ability to repair itself um it protects organs in animal studies
    16:45 and even in human studies it's showing some benefits for example it lowers
    16:50 blood sugar levels which is what we think is important for overall longevity and it has even shown some
    16:56 uh benefits in alzheimer's patients you know an australian study that was done a few years ago and so i've been taking resveratrol at a
    17:03 gram a day with maybe a day off every couple of weeks just to give my liver a chance to rest but other
    17:10 than that um it's been a staple and the other thing i want to mention is the resveratrol is one of the best known
    17:17 molecules for uh preventing cancer uh in at least in animals we don't know in humans that's a
    17:23 longer study but i take it for all those reasons and it's a very safe molecule it's been

    What is the best way to take Resveratrol for the longevity benefits?

    17:28 in our diet for thousands of years so though not in the quantities that i'm taking of course i take a gram and if
    17:35 you often people ask me would i get it from red wine the answer is yes but you need to have 200 300 glasses a day of
    17:41 red wine which i do not recommend so that's really important for people to
    17:47 know because i think that people are unaware of the amount of respiratory that they're getting from red wine
    17:54 though you know a little bit of benefits are always great um in order to get the levels that dr sinclair is speaking of
    18:01 you would need like 200 glasses of wine well also don't forget as we've
    18:07 mentioned before to mix it with something oily or fatty or a lot of protein so a little bit of yogurt greek
    18:12 yogurt is great it dissolves yeah so i just want to clarify you said a lot of protein i think you might a lot of fat
    18:18 right just to dissolve it in either like a coconut yogurt or um or fat or did you
    18:24 mean protein well so i'm not big on having a lot of protein as you know especially early in the morning but i
    18:31 know it does dissolve so in the case of a zero fat greek yogurt i do know from

    Sourcing quality supplements

    18:36 past experience that it does dissolve well in that if greek yogurt zero fat is your kind of thing okay great so thank
    18:43 you for that clarification on that um but yes that's something that we've spoken of before just like making sure
    18:48 that you dissolve it there's so many questions about the sourcing you've talked about the different colors of of
    18:54 how or spiritual should look like um and i know that sounds like almost like a silly simple guide but that's really one
    19:01 of your recommended guides in terms of your sourcing of that product because there's people here from all over the
    19:06 world and so that's another reason why it's really difficult to recommend a specific brand or source yeah well it's
    19:13 really important to look at the color of the molecules go online look at what color i kept this molecule should be
    19:21 so some of them are yellow berberine and quercetin physique is they're generally yellow they should be bright yellow not
    19:27 dirty yellow resveratrol is different residual is a light gray color and uh
    19:33 very fluffy it'll it won't dissolve in water this is why it mix it with food and if it comes out brown
    19:40 you can open up the capsule look at it i often open up capsule and put it into my food i don't swallow it with food i mix
    19:46 it uh if it's not light gray or really close to white it's full of other stuff and some of the
    19:52 that brown stuff that's in there causes diarrhea and and that's probably the least of the problems that could occur so
    19:58 i really look for really pure substances with my supplements i look for 98 99
    20:04 pure supplements because it's this other you know thirty percent sometimes that is could be contaminants that could you
    20:10 could do long-term harm over decades of use sure no and that's a great that's a great point and to kind of piggyback off
    20:17 of that i did see some comments here about japanese knotweed that's a source for a spiritual i there
    20:24 are certain brands that do combine their resveratrol with say grape seed or you
    20:29 know there are other other ingredients in their particular blends
    20:34 and so that might be why it won't have that it won't be white but that's also because it's not pure so just to keep
    20:41 that in mind that for those products and there are a few that i recommend to my clients that i won't name here but um
    20:48 but sometimes they're not completely white but that's because they have other ingredients that are blended into it so
    20:54 just just to keep that in mind for those of you guys that are sourcing on your own yeah so for example there's a product on
    21:00 our product there's a there's a substance called foti fot i do know that one and that has a lot of resveratrol in
    21:05 it now that's been used for thousands of years uh in china and and that i think
    21:11 is is you know an example of you can choose to have a biological
    21:16 product that's been taken uh by people for thousands of years but it's this the products that are trying to
    21:23 pretend to be pure that are not pure that i avoid yeah and so that's really that's really

    What time of the day is better for taking supplements

    21:29 the note to make it's just that if something if a product claims to have purity and it's uh in its ingredients in
    21:36 it you'll be able to tell by the notes that dr sinclair gave us and how to discern between that so um okay so so
    21:44 maybe we should shift a little bit and talk about um well let's talk about time of day
    21:49 because there are questions about that time of day to take these supplements so with the resveratrol i can see scrolling
    21:56 um is there a specific time of day that you recommend for the max amount of the maximum benefits
    22:03 yeah so the the molecules that we're talking about here are activating sirtuins
    22:08 and they so resveratrol acts like the accelerator pedal nad is the gas
    22:13 or the petrol if you're in a different uh country and together they they rip off the stratus so why is that important because
    22:19 the saturn's and nad ramp up in activity in the morning
    22:24 it's part of the circadian rhythm the daily diurnal cycle as it's called and you
    22:29 want your body to be in sync with itself otherwise you have jet lag you get tired and so i take these molecules um almost
    22:37 without exception in the morning and i feel this boost of energy because of it and if i take them late at night often i

    What is metformin and how it affects longevity?

    22:43 don't sleep well so that's very important there are other supplements such as metformin vitamin d k2
    22:50 fish oil that i know or at least i the science says they don't affect sleep
    22:56 wake cycle so i take those ignition instead okay great so you just mentioned it
    23:01 let's let's kind of segue into metformin and berberine and then maybe we can
    23:07 adjust bermadine after that uh since we're at yeah we're about the 30 minute mark so we've got maybe about
    23:14 20 more minutes left i'm trying to break it up here you guys i'm gonna get better about the pacing
    23:19 all right so let's go quickly so metformin is a drug for type 2 diabetes it's used around the world people
    23:26 who have diabetes typically take one to two grams a day it's a lot um
    23:32 and you want high purity but you'll need to talk to your doctor or or go online and have a doctor prescribe it for you
    23:38 if you're in the united states or europe or another english-speaking country other parts of the world you can
    23:43 actually get it like aspirin over the counter but not here in the us now it's it's a molecule that has been shown in
    23:49 tens of thousands of people to not just prevent and treat type 2 diabetes which is high
    23:55 blood sugar brings it down again in most people but also just by looking retroactively at these people that take
    24:01 it they are relatively long-lived compared to people that don't take metformin and
    24:07 we don't even have type 2 diabetes and the reason is it looks like that those people who are susceptible to heart

    What is an alternative for metformin?

    24:12 disease cancer frailty and even alzheimer's disease dementia are protected somewhat by this
    24:18 drug and that's remarkable that to me says very likely that there's a drug on the market that happens to be for type 2
    24:25 diabetes by the fda but it's actually slowing down aging um
    24:30 and so that that's one of the reasons that i take metformin most days of the week i don't take it typically if i'm
    24:35 going to do a lot of exercise the next day because there is about a five percent difference in muscle growth taking metformin versus
    24:42 not and it probably is because it interferes with your body's production of energy slightly it interferes with your mitochondria that make the energy
    24:49 atp molecule now often people say well my doctor won't give me that vomit i'm young or i
    24:54 don't have type 2 diabetes and there's an alternative which is there's a berber what's called berberine
    25:00 from the burger plant it's it's yellow um and it's an extract
    25:05 what's great about berberine is that uh it works very similarly it boosts the mitochondria uh it inhibits it but then
    25:11 is in in reaction to that and it also reduces blood sugar levels like pet hormone does and that's been shown in a
    25:18 number of human clinical trials and so you can get berberine online now talk
    25:24 to your doctor because playing with your metabolism is no small thing make sure your doctor knows you're taking supplements that's always the case you
    25:32 need especially if you're taking other medicines you want your doctor needs to know what you're taking um and then some there's been a study
    25:37 that shows that the combination of net form and berberine together has additive effects and can actually help metformin
    25:43 lower blood sugar even better than not taking birth yeah and so um and i just want to
    25:48 address and thank you so much for that so much great information i just want to address some of the questions that have come up here yes this will be recorded
    25:56 and we release uh we the replays go up usually within three or four days but if
    26:02 you sign up to the link in our bio both dr sinclair and i have links in our bios
    26:07 for a list that you can go on and you get those replays sent straight to your email along with along with the notes
    26:14 about the topics we covered and often we also share links as well so some of these studies that dr sinclair is
    26:20 referring to we will have those in those emails and so i highly suggest that you do that and i'm sure you already follow

    The dosage of metformin and what to pay attention to when taking supplements

    26:27 us both but if you don't you do that and put no post notifications on because then you'll know when we come up here
    26:32 and then you also know when the replays are ready because we always share so just a quick note on that um and i also
    26:39 wanted to share because i don't often in these talks that i am very much in the same protocols as dr sinclair very
    26:45 slightly uh obviously because i'm female and built differently than dr
    26:51 sinclair and i also have some herbal supplements that i also take that we
    26:56 won't talk about in this episode but we can we're planning on doing on another episode to kind of address adaptogens
    27:01 and other supplements and there are questions about dosage for metformin and that's really something that you should
    27:08 talk to your practitioner about along to echo what dr sinclair said all things
    27:13 that you're putting into your body what we share here is not advice or recommendation so much as is what we've
    27:20 done for ourselves um obviously there's scientific findings on things maybe things that we've uh that we've shared
    27:27 with our clients but to each your own you need to know your own biomarkers and you always want to speak with your own
    27:33 practitioner about what you're taking whether it's a supplement or a prescription medication so i would say for metformin
    27:40 you really want to talk to your doctor about that and you may titrate up so whatever
    27:45 amount you end up at you might start lower and then kind of move up over the course of a month or three months so
    27:52 keep that in mind and also sometimes there's some digestive side effects from taking something like metformin uh and
    28:00 for myself that was the case and so options for that is uh asking your
    28:05 practitioner for a compounded version of it so it's a little bit cleaner it does it won't upset your tummy quite as much
    28:12 um for any any of you who do find that it may give you digestive discomfort so just little notes that you guys can take
    28:18 with you to your doctors yeah and i have mine with food a little bit of food because it kind of lines the stomach i
    28:23 also have this problem with the stomach there's a lot of references to scientific papers including all that
    28:28 metformin that you can share with your doctor in my book and so that's lifespan if you haven't
    28:35 come across it it's packed with lots of information about ampk about
    28:40 sirtuins mtor which we'll talk about in a minute about brephomycin that is a that's the handbook for what
    28:46 we're talking about today yes and so and so and for those of you if you don't actually have dr sinclair's
    28:53 book then you need to get it or you need to at least go and download it onto your
    28:58 audible or your kindle or whatever it is because what we're doing here as we sort of
    29:03 unpack all this information it comes from his book and it comes from his podcast which drops every wednesday if
    29:09 you haven't already tuned in and downloaded his new podcast episode dropped today because it's wednesday and
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    29:42 uh right now you can get the ebook 4.99 wow
    29:48 yeah there's an ebook are they crazy the publisher i think accidentally
    29:53 uh timed this with the podcast so you can get really cheap so this isn't very well widely known but anyone who's

    What is Spermidine? What are the benefits? How it is extracted?

    29:59 listening go go get it it's basically free right now but okay so you guys um load up get it send it
    30:06 and you know what there might be a surprise if someone actually does these things screenshots in it dm
    30:13 maybe we'll have a surprise for or someone who doesn't in the audience because we love it when you take notes and we love it when you engage and you
    30:19 love it when you share um your thoughts with us on here okay so before we jump into mtor and
    30:27 raphaemyson let's spend a little bit of time on spermidine so
    30:32 so i want to make sure that as we start talking about spermidine and i actually
    30:37 have a bottle of it because i take it oh wait oh that glare is no good can we see it no we can't okay so
    30:45 well you know what if you guys go to the link in our bios spermidine is one of our trusted resources and we're going to
    30:51 dive into it a little bit now and you'll you'll be able to see it better because you can go to the link all right that's
    30:57 that's a fail i'm sorry it's spermidine and you'll be able to see it when you go to the link in our bio but let's talk a
    31:04 little bit about that even like let's and explain people first of all what spermidine is and then and then the
    31:11 benefits yeah uh so spermidine is a is found throughout life it is found in sperm but
    31:18 it's also found in plants it's found in you know in our bodies and it's called a
    31:23 polyamine it's a really small molecule that is actually very protective against
    31:29 things like oxidative stress and one of the things that it's been found to do mostly is to induce autophagy the ability of
    31:35 the body to recycle all proteins and make proteins back into amino acids to build new proteins which is very
    31:41 important for longevity and frank madeo who certainly you know and i know he's a
    31:48 scientist from austria has done about 15 years of really high quality research looking at starting with yeast
    31:54 cells where there's spermidine but also in worms and flies and mice and increasingly some studies in humans that
    32:01 we're aware of that is not yet published but we're going to share that with you this molecule extends the lifespan of
    32:07 all those species and that's really amazing there are very few molecules that i'm aware of that that does that
    32:12 um so i've recently started taking spermidine as well because we we want to induce autophagy
    32:18 and that would help induce what fasting would normally do or it could help accentuate the benefits of fasting
    32:25 yeah yeah it's really i have uh i've been taking the product now for several
    32:31 months um and i i it's so funny we're already seeing comments about the name um
    32:38 but it really is and and something that what doctors think they were saying about that it's about
    32:44 poly polyamine is how you pronounce right um it's it's really difficult to
    32:49 extract it naturally where it can be safe and stable for human consumption
    32:54 so so when you when you get the bottle when you see what it is there's different uh
    33:01 there's some confusion about grams versus milligrams and so the product that's on the market that we use it's
    33:08 got um it contains one milligram of spermidine per 800 milligrams of the
    33:14 wheat germ extract because that's where they get it from so so i just want to give the audience a
    33:19 little bit of clarity on that because the numbers may seem confusing when people make recommendations about
    33:25 how much to take and again it's one of those products like everything else where you have to sort of take what is a
    33:31 tune for your body um and work with your practitioner on that so the recommend the recommended dosages are two capsules
    33:38 which is 800 milligrams of of the wheat germ extract and that's one
    33:44 milligram of spermidine so that's what it is on the bottle but you know dr st

    Supplements vs a healthy diet

    33:49 clary may take a little bit more than that more or less i may take more or less so so clarity on that and um and as we're
    33:57 talking about spermidine and uh and how it's extracting and again
    34:02 a lot of these supplements as doctors and saying come from whole plants and foods and that's
    34:08 something to really remind ourselves as because even though we're talking about supplements they aren't meant to
    34:15 replace you know eating a healthy diet and i would love for dr sinclair to
    34:21 speak more about that because he's really the go-to expert about supplements but we want to remind people that um
    34:27 there's nothing better than having a really whole nutrition nutrient dense
    34:32 uh plant forward if it's not plant-based diet oh boy yeah you've been teaching me a
    34:38 lot about that um i i didn't really know i was uh existing on a cheese and red wine diet um but yeah i switched to the
    34:45 much more plant-focused and feel the benefits and see the benefits of my blood work which i do fairly regularly
    34:52 uh but it's taking supplements even though we've shown in animals and others have shown in people that
    34:57 can mimic exercise can mimic fasting this it's not an excuse to sit on the
    35:02 couch and just pop pills we've met you and i were talking earlier today we've met people that eat terrible diets and
    35:08 take a supplement thinking that that will replace a healthy diet and that's not true what we have shown in my lab
    35:14 and others many others have shown is that you need to do both to get the biggest bang for the buck and you can't just
    35:20 expect supplements to replace a healthy diet yeah and and that's just like a reminder
    35:26 and i think it's a great award we're a little bit past midway but a great you know sort of midway point to remind
    35:32 people even though we're talking about these supplements and all the amazing things that can help you that it can do
    35:38 for your body and help you in terms of your health your immunity um obviously your longevity it's most important that
    35:45 you are using them supplementally you know that they in no way replace high
    35:51 quality nutrient-dense whole foods uh so i just want to circle back because there
    35:57 are some questions about spermidine um it is from austria it's not from china and there is no sperm in it it's from
    36:04 wheat germ um i know that if you just jumped on it might sound confusing but this is uh
    36:10 derived from wheat germ it's a wheat germ extract and even if you are someone that has a pollutant intolerance um it's
    36:17 absolutely something that you can use uh again if you are celiac or if you
    36:24 have a really severe allergy then you might want to work with a practitioner i
    36:29 always recommend working with a practitioner and kind of starting slow titrating in
    36:34 seeing if it's attuned to your system and your body but as far as the studies have shown people with gluten

    A Carnivore vs a vegan diet when it comes to regulating mTOR

    36:40 intolerances and even allergies can take spermidine with no issues whatsoever
    36:46 uh okay so i'm gonna go through and i'm going to remove some people from the live because
    36:52 there's been commentary from our audience that there's some comments that aren't kind so as i do that i'm going to
    37:00 let dr sinclair talk about recognizing and then maybe we can we can talk about
    37:05 some analytics before we wrap up good idea okay um and i also sort of question
    37:10 uh what about the carnivore diet yeah and yeah i talk a lot about this um the summary is that
    37:17 you know there's a big debate there's the carnivores and there's the vegans and they're seemingly opposed
    37:23 now in the in the short run both have been shown to have benefits you know it's there's no argument that you can
    37:29 see that there are benefits but the question is what about long-term health and there the science speaks volumes and
    37:36 i would i would love for a carnivore diet to be associated with long life i wish that were true
    37:42 because i love meat but it's not it's just not the case you know speaking as a scientist if you look at
    37:47 people who eat certain diets the people that live longest are those that don't eat a lot don't eat three big meals a
    37:54 day they eat less than that and they are mostly plant focused they don't eat meat
    38:00 all the time especially processed meat we know that of course that is the worst but even large amounts of meat what
    38:05 happens uh is that you're you can be in two different states there's the abundance
    38:11 state what i call the abundance abundance medics mimicking an abundance state or the adversity state the
    38:16 adversity state is when the body thinks well times are taught i could starve i could get into trouble i need
    38:23 to run away from a saber-toothed tiger that's the adversity we also call this hormesis if anyone's listened to us
    38:28 before hormesis is what doesn't kill you makes you live longer and both diets
    38:33 will have an impact either on one or the other of course the carnivore diet is the abundant state your body times
    38:40 lots of amino acids build muscle uh grow heal uh wounds that's what that state is and
    38:47 it'll actually be very good in the short run there's really no question you will build up muscle uh probably you know
    38:53 slightly faster certainly uh more fast than if you're only on plant-based but the problem is that if


    39:00 you stay with that for decades the science says that it's not going to be as healthy in the long run as being
    39:07 on a plant-based diet now you can have a really nutritious um plant-based diet really you've been
    39:13 educating me on this that will be as good as the meat-based diet for
    39:20 for physical and mental capabilities but in the long run we'll be turning on these defense pathways that in large
    39:27 part are controlled by m little m capital t o r which stands for
    39:33 mammalian target of rapamycin so we get to this drug rapamycin
    39:39 rapamycin is a drug that was discovered on the island easter island rappanui and
    39:44 hence the rapa name and it's used in high doses to tone down the immune system so it doesn't the body doesn't
    39:51 reject organs but it was also shown to inhibit this mtor enzyme that senses
    39:56 amino acids and meat consumption particularly leucine and serine these are abundant in need not so much
    40:02 available in plants so the the summary is that if you eat a lot of meat
    40:07 your mtor defenses will not be as active against aging
    40:13 as if you're on a plant-based diet but you can mimic a plant-based diet and fasting by taking rapamycin in the drug
    40:20 but not in high doses of course you don't want to down-regulate your immune system you want to just inhibit it a little bit
    40:26 so that it's as though you're not eating a lot of meat and then you'll turn on this autophagy recycling proteins that's
    40:32 very good fail um but you should know you can't just go out and buy rapamycin you do need to
    40:39 talk to your doctor it's actually not that easy to get so that's why i typically just skip
    40:45 meals it has a very similar effect um yes so thank you for this um and i i
    40:52 there haven't been as many questions about wrapping myself but i thought it was really important to bring to the conversation because there have been
    40:58 enough um and people are so curious about it but again it's just one tool and a whole toolbox
    41:05 of things that you can do to support yourself to help you know trigger all the things um
    41:11 that help your system um with longevity so one of the things
    41:17 that we want to talk about and and thank you for the question about c60 we have uh
    41:22 dr sinclair as you know i do another live series uh with another scientist and mitchell and he's got some
    41:29 incredible uh products that he's created in his lab
    41:35 that are that are also really helpful and so for those of you who have questions again i
    41:40 encourage you to go to the link in our bios and there is a trusted resources a trusted library um and i can at least

    Senolytics and longevity- Quercetin and Fisetin

    41:47 speak of the things that i use um there are some brands that i share there uh
    41:53 and you can go there and take a look there's a lot of information um on there and uh it's just really
    41:58 helpful as you navigate these conversations and the different questions that come up are answered in previous
    42:04 episodes um in the notes in the bullet points that we share and the links that we share there too so um okay so we have
    42:12 a few more minutes what do you think we should focus on let's do something
    42:17 yeah okay let's let's i'm gonna let you dive into synthetics um all right so if you don't know
    42:23 senescent cells or old cells that stop dividing and put out inflammatory molecules called cytokines and they've
    42:29 been shown in animals and some studies in humans but if you get rid of them kill them off the body recovers and
    42:35 heals and becomes more youthful and that includes treating metabolic
    42:40 disease and high blood sugar as well and jim kirkland who's at the mayo clinic is the world's expert in this and he's
    42:46 running human clinical trials so he's a friend of mine so we were up to speed on that
    42:52 and what he's shown is that there are plant molecules and some drugs that work to kill those senescent cells and not so
    42:59 much normal cells of course you you don't want to touch the normal cells now there are drugs there's no veda
    43:04 clocks there's the satniv but the ones that are available to the regular consumer are quercetin
    43:10 which is again a plant polyphenol similar in shape to resveratrol and
    43:16 another one you mentioned earlier serena physique terminal yeah yeah i call it physical hesitant and
    43:22 it's also a plant molecule and these two are shown to either prevent the senescent cells from
    43:29 secreting those inflammatory molecules that's called a cinnomorphic or in the case of physique it's actually can kill
    43:36 those senescent cells and there's a group at uh university of minnesota uh laura nieto hofer uh and paul robbins
    43:44 have shown that if you give physitin to mice they actually live longer by about 10 by my recollection
    43:52 but what's interesting about it it also works if you give it to the mice midway through their lifespan to extend their
    43:57 lifespan and um and the other thing it's not very well known but because it goes back a number of years but in 2003 my
    44:04 lab published a nature paper that showed that resveratrol activates certain one these are two and enzymes but in that
    44:10 group was also quercetin and physique and so those three are ones that i take regularly not just
    44:17 to to work on senescent cells but they also activate uh cert one so you get this
    44:22 double potential double benefit but overall i i think that's analytics are really interesting um and can be
    44:29 really useful to prevent that type of uh aging which is called caused by inflammation yeah and
    44:36 again that's such a good reminder about inflammation and how that does cause aging there's so many things that we can do to lower our
    44:43 inflammation levels and we're just giving you a handful of tools now but in past episodes and just in lifestyle
    44:50 and other topics that i've talked about not necessarily on this series that can really lower inflammation uh including
    44:56 meditation which we'll talk about another time um there have been a lot of comments about the difference between men and
    45:03 women taking these supplements and for those of you that are really interested in that
    45:09 uh dr sinclair's podcast that drops today covers hormones
    45:15 and there may be questions that you have that are already going to be answered in
    45:20 that podcast episode so i highly encourage you to go download it listen to it um review it
    45:27 and if you have questions that aren't answered in that episode then bring them next week and we'll address them and
    45:33 anything that we don't specifically address we might just create an episode around so so i'm not going to dive into that here
    45:41 since there are a lot of questions about fertility about male and female hormones
    45:46 about how these different supplements affect um affect you if you are in that fertility
    45:52 process when we do do that i will share that i have been through ivf myself and so i'm
    45:58 well versed in the process in terms of food and supplements with fertility and enhancing fertility so i'm happy to
    46:04 share that with you guys when we do that episode um go ahead yeah no we should definitely do that because my love is
    46:10 one of the few in the world at least in all in animal studies can reverse female infertility she talked about the
    46:16 potential of that yeah i think that would be a really great focus because i have seen just throughout the course of
    46:22 this of the episodes we've done that there is a lot of questions about fertility so i think it'd be great to
    46:28 just focus a whole episode on that and we can dive into some of the different recommend um let's see recommendations
    46:34 some of the supplements we've talked about um and how that can help and i'd also like to address some of the
    46:39 comments about food i know that we've talked a little bit about food it was so broad and there's so many things to

    C 60

    46:45 cover that we will likely focus an episode that's specifically about food um the
    46:51 foods you can eat where some of these products are derived from you know procedure from cherries
    46:56 and i have to see some strawberries so there are foods that you can just add to your diet on a regular basis that may
    47:02 not be in the quantities that you need to have this kind of effect your body but at least you're kind of it's just
    47:08 there you know it's part of your daily practice um it's not going to hurt you to add a few more strawberries and cherries to your diet and it has
    47:15 benefits so you're not even yet aware of so until now yeah oh uh serena somebody
    47:20 asked just now uh about c60 and what do i come down all right
    47:25 i'm taking c60 and so far so good um and you're using um the same product
    47:32 right aren't we using the same product uh maybe okay so so this is um where i'm getting
    47:39 i'm getting messages about the time stamp here so we're gonna have to wrap this up in just a couple of minutes but
    47:45 uh dr st claire uses c60 i obviously do as well and there are i think the replays
    47:53 actually the replays on the discussions we've had not you and i but i've had about c60 is already up uh
    48:00 i would say go to youtube and subscribe it's just random hoon if you haven't
    48:05 subscribed on our list please do because we send that information out and we definitely dive into c60 um in a couple
    48:12 of those episodes on my series with iron mitchell and if you want to talk about this we can david in a different episode
    48:19 but i feel like it's it's it's been covered yeah i know this stuff yeah yeah
    48:25 so okay you guys well i'm wrapping up i it's been amazing to share space with
    48:31 you guys today thank you for all the support we have a great audience thank you david for being here again weekly uh
    48:38 you're amazing for creating this space and time and um is there anything that you want to
    48:44 i guess let people know oh people are asking about your special the ebook or is it an ebook or is it is it
    48:51 the kindle or the yeah you can get it on kindle right okay so david's book lifespan you can get it on kindle for
    48:59 1.99 right now and i don't know how long that's going to last but i would highly recommend you get it if you haven't if
    49:06 you already have the book get the kindle anyway um so you have it in different formats and make sure you go to
    49:13 apple podcast or anchor anywhere and download and listen to dr sinclair's
    49:18 episode that draws today lots of information and make sure you have your questions ready for next week
    49:23 uh and i think that's it thank you guys so much thank you so much david and i will see you guys really
    49:29 soon bye [Music]
    49:53 you